Don't-Miss Phone Stories

android m lock screen

Google plans a press event for September 29th, hints at Android Marshmallow release

Google isn't saying what it'll announce, but all indications point toward Android Marshmallow, new Nexus phones, and a revamped Chromecast.

AT&T logo on Boston store

AT&T says rogue employees secretly unlocked hundreds of thousands of phones

AT&T said three of its employees secretly installed software on its network so a cellphone unlocking service could surreptitiously funnel hundreds of thousands of requests to its servers to remove software locks on phones.

lg something new

LG Class may be the newest mid-range device with a giant screen

The company teases it has 'something new' to show off during an upcoming event on September 21.

angry android

Report: New hack lets an attacker bypass password-locked Android home screens

You can protect yourself with a PIN or pattern, but it's another example of why all manufacturers need to get on board with monthly updates.

A Qualcomm snapdragon 820 prototype

Qualcomm building 8 cores into its new Snapdragon 4-series chips

Qualcomm launches the Snapdragon 617 and 430, two smartphone processors with 8 cores--a strategy a Qualcomm exec had previously labeled a dumb idea. Meanwhile, the company also says that its X12 LTE modem will connect to just about everything.

google camera

Report: Google Camera 3.0 packs in smart bursts, animated GIFs, and other tricks

The newest version of Google Camera may debut soon, with two Nexus smartphones just around the corner.


Alcatel OneTouch could offer decent Windows 10 Mobile phones for cheap

The maker of mid-range Android handsets promises new Windows 10 phones by the end of this year.

androidpay 9121

Android Pay is coming today

It's finally time to give your Android phone another chance at paying for groceries.

nexus 5 back leak

New leaks give us clearest view yet of LG Nexus phone

The evidence keeps piling up that we'll see some type of Nexus 5 follow-up with a fingerprint sensor on the back.

watermark inside title image 11

Samsung's new RAM heralds the dawn of 6GB smartphones

More RAM will land in smartphones and tablets in the coming months thanks to Samsung's new 20nm-based 12Gb LPDDR4 RAM.

Jeff Bezos with Amazon's Fire phone

Amazon runs out of Fire phone stock, likely for good

Amazon's Fire smartphone is finally out of stock on the company's website after almost a year of availability.

leave phone alone do not disturb ios 1

4 ways to turn off annoying notifications on your Android phone or iPhone

You turn off notifications on your Android phone or iPhone to cut down on embarrassing noises or distractions during meetings, social engagements, and other events where you're supposed to be paying attention. But you can also adjust notifications so that people who matter can still get through. Here's how.

Fujitsu receiver

Fujitsu's tiny 20Gbps receiver could transfer massive files instantly

Fujitsu has developed a 300GHz receiver that could allow mobile devices to download 4K or 8K high-def video instantly.

lenovo and samsung

Smartphone makers hope excess will lead to success

At the IFA trade show in Berlin, manufacturers sought to impress with huge batteries, bigger screens and millions more pixels.

Microsoft Lumia Camera

Microsoft retires several Lumia camera apps for Windows 8.1

The company says that it's integrating features from the Lumia camera apps into Windows 10 Mobile.