Don't-Miss Laser printer Stories

Finding the best printer for your home or office

We've got some tips on what to look for when you're buying your next printer, including tips on getting the best color inkjet multifunction peripheral.

The best photo printers you can buy today

Print vivid images on photo-friendly models for home, office, or enthusiast users.

Lexmark: Inkjet Printers Are Dead, Long Live Laser Printers

We talk with Marty Canning, Lexmark's printer czar, about how Lexmark will continue to support inkjet users--and how Lexmark's laser business is doing just fine, thank you.

Lexmark Exiting Inkjet Printer Business, to Lay off 1,700

Lexmark International has exited the inkjet printer business and is laying off 1,700 people as part of a restructuring plan to improve profitability.

Is the Market for Personal Printers Dying?

Home and small business users are printing less while making wider use of the Web and offline print services.

Dealing With Software Rebate Hassles

A reader asks On Your Side for help after Serif representatives contradict a mail-in rebate offer's stated instructions. Plus: Konica Minolta recalls several printer models.

3D Printing Draws Closer to Mainstream with Cubify

Printer produces 3D plastic output, available as an online service and marketplace or for individual purchase.

2012 Tech Outlook: A Look at What's Ahead

What's ahead for 2012 in chips, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and threats? PCWorld takes an in-depth look at the year ahead.


3D Printing: A Technology Awaits its iPad Moment

3D printers are still very much a niche market. What would it take for the technology to break into the mainstream?


3D Printers: Almost Mainstream

Richard Smith needed to build a wall-climbing robot for a customer -- so he printed one.


Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS Updates, Windows Store, and the HP TopShot on PCWorld Podcast #129

Microsoft was in the news a lot this week, with details about the Windows 8 app store revealed, a major update to the Xbox 360, and an Xbox Live app for iPhone and iPad. There was a major Nintendo 3DS update as well, but that's not as interesting as our discussion as HP's unique TopShot printer.

3D-Printed Guitar Impresses Geeks, Musicians Alike

This funky-looking guitar was designed and built entirely using a 3D printer and open-source design software.


HP TopShot Printer Attempts to Take Truly Three-Dimensional Images

HP’s TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 uses a camera on a stick to scan 3D objects.

3D Scanning with HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275’s Camera Scanner on a Stick

This new multi-function printer uses TopShot, a camera on an adjustable arm, to take multiple birds’-eye photos of 3D objects, combining them in a single image with shadows and contours.