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epson workforce wf 3640 head on trays closed june 2014

Epson's new office inkjets have a secret weapon: fast PrecisionCore printheads

Cheap color lasers have more inkjets to worry about. The PrecisionCore printheads on Epson's new WorkForce printers promise faster printing and crisp-looking output. We're testing one right now to learn more.

Finding the best printer for your home or office

We've got some tips on what to look for when you're buying your next printer, including tips on getting the best color inkjet multifunction peripheral.


Why your smartphone battery hates Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are killing your phone battery, but you don't need a dedicated app for that.


The best photo printers you can buy today

Print vivid images on photo-friendly models for home, office, or enthusiast users.

Is the Market for Personal Printers Dying?

Home and small business users are printing less while making wider use of the Web and offline print services.

Kodak Axing Digital Cameras Business

At one time, Kodak had more than 90 percent of the market share of film sales in the U.S, but the 131-year-old company struggled since the introduction of digital cameras.


Inkgard Software and Cartridges Provide Variable Benefit

Want your ink cartridge to last longer? Inkgard sells an app for that--but its remanufactured cartridges' variable yields make the benefit uncertain.

Most Printers Used for Photos

Nearly 90 percent of all printer users mainly use their printers to print out photos and printers, a poll suggests.

Ink-O-Dem Refill Service: Good Quality, Modest Bargain

Refilling empty HP cartridges with Ink-O-Dem inks is cheaper than buying new--but not by much.

G&G Ink Refill Kit: Maximum Hassle, Poor Printouts

An ink explosion, so-so output, and a balky printer mar this DIY ink-refill experiment.

Cheap 'Jumbo' Ink Refills: Too Messy to Recommend

Our Serial Refiller finds that a no-name, do-it-yourself refill kit creates ink spillage and subpar printed pages.

Which Printer Ink Refills Can Save You the Most?

Take one inkjet printer, try refilled and remanufactured cartridges on it, and what do you get? Mostly small hassles--and some big savings.

The Geek of Gaga: How Lady Gaga is Transforming Modern Tech

The preeminent self promoter Lady Gaga has been dipping her hand into tech over the past couple years. Here is a snapshot of what she's been up to.


HP Officejet H470 Mobile Color Printer, $120 has the HP Officejet H470 mobile thermal ink printer on sale for $160, but you can knock an extra $40 off with a coupon code.