Don't-Miss Printer Stories

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Canon aims to make impact in 3D printer market

Forget waiting overnight for your 3D printer to finish: Canon has a job on the go that may take it a couple of years -- building its own 3D printer.


HP adds protection against firmware attacks to enterprise printers

Hewlett-Packard has started building defenses against hackers directly into its printers' firmware.

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Printer cartridges Epson flags as empty still have a lot of ink in the tank

It's not just your inkjet at home. Even pro print shops are shelling out big bucks for printer cartridges before the ink runs dry.

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Microsoft's MobileFusion app makes 3D scans, but it may never come to market

The MobileFusion app lets you scan 3D objects with your phone, but it's more a promise than reality.

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Epson's new printers aim to kill the costly hassle of frequent ink cartridge refills

Epson is bucking the trend of low-priced printers and high-priced ink with a new line of EcoTank printers starting at $380.

This 3D-printed robotic hand is a cheap, useful prosthetic

The Exiii Hackberry is a basic mechanical hand and forearm made from materials that only cost about $200. It’s designed to give amputees a cheaper alternative to prosthetics that can cost thousands of dollars.

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Dell's new printers aim at the cloud to enable easy any-device printing

Dell announces new multifunction printers, adding to its expanding lineup of cloud-computing hardware

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Samsung wants developers to create Android apps for its printers

A new SDK lets developers access printer features and integrate cloud services

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HP aims for more prints from laser printers with new cartridge

HP's new laser printer cartridges, based on a new chemical formula, could result in 58 percent more color prints, the company says.

How to automatically switch default printers based on your location

Juggling too many printers in your life? This quick trick will let Windows take care of all the hassle for you.