Don't-Miss Printer Stories

The Vibe: 3D Printed iPhone Cases From Your Favorite Songs

A new service from Shapeways will let you create an iPhone case out of your favorite tracks.


3D Printing in Space: Repair Your Space Station With Tools Built in Orbit

Need a spacecraft part while in orbit? Made in Space aims to save money by fabricating wrenches and rocket nozzles out of plastic and metal... in space.


Instaprint Lets You Print Instagram Photos Polaroid-Style; Hipsters Love It

Let your inner hipster go wild at your next ugly sweater party with one of these Polaroid-style booths.


Samsung ML-2955DW B&W Laser Printer, $100 has the Samsung ML-2955DW monochrome laser printer on sale for only $100, with $2 shipping.

The PriNXT: A Working Printer Made From Lego

What were you up to when you were 14 years old? This industrious young hacker managed to build a working printer out of his Lego set.


Internet of Things Printer Gives You a Stock-Ticker of Tweets

A new printer project available on Adafruit brings a little of the old-school paper feel back to a Web 2.0 world.


3D-Printed Dinosaur Robots Are Coming, Hopefully Won't Scare Small Children

A Team at Drexel University uses robotics and 3D printing to investigate how dinosaurs moved.


15 Cool New Pieces of Gear for Your Smartphone or Tablet

These enhancements include exotic skins, clever devices for transferring files, great ways to game with your phone or tablet, and more.


Kodak Axing Digital Cameras Business

At one time, Kodak had more than 90 percent of the market share of film sales in the U.S, but the 131-year-old company struggled since the introduction of digital cameras.


Facebook IPO, Tons of New Cameras, and Inkjets for Business on PCWorld Podcast #131

Facebook makes a lot of money, and wants to make more by going public. Also, did you know that inkjet printers may be better than lasers for small business?


Two Fast Business Inkjet Printers for Small Workgroups

If you need a fast color printer for your small workgroup, HP and Lexmark offer fast, full featured inkjets that are better choices than a low-cost color laser.

Pirate Bay Launches 3D-Printed 'Physibles' Downloads

You may soon be able to download and print your dinner, outfit, even parts for your car off of The Pirate Bay.

AirPrint to Almost Any Printer

What do you do if you are an iPhone or iPad owner and don't have one of the anointed printers? Do you go and buy yet another printer?