Don't-Miss Printer Stories

New MakerBot Prints Cool Stuff; We've Got Photos

The new MakerBot Replicator can do some cool stuff with its single and double extruders. Read on for plenty of photos of the new 3D printer and examples of what it can create.


MakerBot Replicator 3D-Prints Everything Except 'Coffee, Black'

MakerBot Industries introduces its newest 3D-printing machine, the MakerBot Replicator, which lets you print in two colors and allows for larger creations.


CES 2012: Gadgets Parade Begins

CES 2012 is all about Ultrabooks, tablets, enormous HDTVs, and of course cool and quirky gadgets. Here's what's hot one day before the official gadget confab begins.


Xerox Mobile Scanner Sends Scans Wirelessly

Xerox announced a new battery powered mobile scanner that will send JPG or PDF files to computer, phones, tablets, or the cloud over Wi-Fi.

Sculpteo 3D Printing Lets You Stick Your Face on a Vase

New app brings 3D printing to the masses, an lets you put your face on a vase or mug.


3D Printing Draws Closer to Mainstream with Cubify

Printer produces 3D plastic output, available as an online service and marketplace or for individual purchase.

Mineways Turns Your Minecraft World Into Real 3D-Printed Creations

Mineways is an open-source program that lets you turn your virtual Minecraft world into a real 3D-printed model.


The Next Big Thing(s) in Tech

Goodbye, desktop PCs--hello, flexible cell phone screens and living rooms with endless entertainment and gaming possibilities!


2012 Tech Outlook: A Look at What's Ahead

What's ahead for 2012 in chips, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and threats? PCWorld takes an in-depth look at the year ahead.


What to Expect in Printers in 2012

Want to print from your smartphone or tablet--or from another city? The printers of 2012 will handle that for you--and offer other ways to use the Web or email to make printing easier.


Eight Signs Your Business is Tech-Illiterate

Do you still own a PDA or a pager? How's your dot-matrix printer holding up? If you have a sincere answer to those questions, it's time to upgrade.

3D Printing: A Technology Awaits its iPad Moment

3D printers are still very much a niche market. What would it take for the technology to break into the mainstream?


Canon Pixma iP2702 Inkjet Printer Only $20 is selling the Canon Pixma iP2702 inkjet for just $20, with $3 shipping.