Don't-Miss Printer Stories

The Next Big Thing(s) in Tech

Goodbye, desktop PCs--hello, flexible cell phone screens and living rooms with endless entertainment and gaming possibilities!


2012 Tech Outlook: A Look at What's Ahead

What's ahead for 2012 in chips, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and threats? PCWorld takes an in-depth look at the year ahead.


What to Expect in Printers in 2012

Want to print from your smartphone or tablet--or from another city? The printers of 2012 will handle that for you--and offer other ways to use the Web or email to make printing easier.


Eight Signs Your Business is Tech-Illiterate

Do you still own a PDA or a pager? How's your dot-matrix printer holding up? If you have a sincere answer to those questions, it's time to upgrade.

3D Printing: A Technology Awaits its iPad Moment

3D printers are still very much a niche market. What would it take for the technology to break into the mainstream?


Canon Pixma iP2702 Inkjet Printer Only $20 is selling the Canon Pixma iP2702 inkjet for just $20, with $3 shipping.

3D Printers: Almost Mainstream

Richard Smith needed to build a wall-climbing robot for a customer -- so he printed one.


PCWorld Staff Favorites of 2011

Here are the laptops, printers, phones, tablets, and other gear that the PCWorld editors really liked this year. Tell us if you agree with these top picks.


Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS Updates, Windows Store, and the HP TopShot on PCWorld Podcast #129

Microsoft was in the news a lot this week, with details about the Windows 8 app store revealed, a major update to the Xbox 360, and an Xbox Live app for iPhone and iPad. There was a major Nintendo 3DS update as well, but that's not as interesting as our discussion as HP's unique TopShot printer.

Awesome Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

We look at some gift ideas for geeks of all sorts--from the sci-fi fan to the gamer to the hardware hacker.


Fuji Xerox to Launch Dropbox-like Cloud Storage Service for Its Copiers

Fuji Xerox will launch a new cloud storage service that hooks directly into its multifunction copiers next week, allowing documents to be uploaded by scan or...

Reliability and Satisfaction: What the Measures Mean

Here, in detail, are the reliability measures and the service measures that we included in our 2011 survey.


This 3D Printer Lets You Get Hands-On

3D printing goes manual with this unique printing system that requires you to lay down the material by hand.


Researchers Print Scaffolds for New Bones...With a Friggin' Inkjet

If you need a bone, 3D-printed scaffold replacements may be around in the next 1-2 decades.


HP LaserJet Printers Vulnerable to Attacks, Researchers Warn

Millions of Hewlett Packard Co.'s LaserJet printers contain a security weakness that could allow attackers to take control of the systems, steal data from them and issue commands that could cause the devices to overheat and catch fire.