Don't-Miss Printer Stories

Brother HL-2270DW Monochrome Laser, $90 is selling the Brother HL-2270DW Wi-Fi monochrome laser printer for only $90, with free shipping.

HP Offers Ink Subscriptions, Magazine Service

'Instant Ink' will supply you with a steady flow of ink to print out the Conde Nast magazines flowing from your printer.

Scary Super-Realistic Face Masks Are Scary

Going out as yourself for Halloween has never looked so good with these insanely realistic 3D-printed face masks.


Criminals Find New Uses for 3D Printing

3D printers allow you to print any tangible object from your computer. So the bad guys are focusing on printing keys, pieces of guns, and other dangerous items. Should you worry?

3D Printing Helps Artist Create Cool, Intricate Sculptures

Thanks to the power of 3D printing, one artist's dream has been made a reality--read on to see the amazing result!


Canon, Oracle to Develop Document Processing Technology

Canon will work with Oracle to integrate its business copiers and printers with the software giant's database and server products.

'See What You Print' Concept Printer Unveiled

The device has touchscreen capabilities that allow for image editing -- just crop and rotate with your fingers, and it prints whatever image is on screen.

Printable Blood Vessels Are Here; 3D Printing Gets Creepy

3D printed blood vessels bring us one creepy step closer to 3D printed people.


Windows 8 Presents a Cure for Bloatware Installed by Your Printer, Camera, Other Peripherals

Microsoft wants external device makers to create Metro-style apps for Windows 8 that would eliminate junk software installs.

Cheap Ink and Toner: Finding the Best Deal

An online shopping trip shows that national retailer Staples charges more and a website called charges less--but it's the deal around the price that makes the difference.

HP Rolls Out New Printers, 3D Scanning, Better Cloud Printing

Along with HP's new line of printers comes 3D object scanning and enhanced Web-based printing services.

Cloud Printing Woes, Where Not to Buy Ink, and Windows 8 on PCWorld Podcast #124

PCWorld editors discuss the sorry state of printing over the internet, along with some revelations about where you should or shouldn't buy ink or toner. Microsoft's BUILD conference is next week, where it will reveal much about Windows 8; we tell you what we hope to learn.

Most Printers Used for Photos

Nearly 90 percent of all printer users mainly use their printers to print out photos and printers, a poll suggests.

A Hidden Security Threat: Beware the Office Multifunction Printer

You may not think of a printer as being a major security threat, but researchers have found easy methods that hackers can use to gain access to your data.

Innovative Printers for Your Home or Small Office

The multifunction printer market continues to innovate, with models sprouting new features or shrinking to fit onto your desk. Melissa Riofrio takes a look at two new models from Canon and HP.