Don't-Miss Printer Stories

Why Cheap Color Laser Printers Are a Dicey Deal

Color lasers that cost $400 or less seem like a good bargain. Unfortunately, they often aren’t. Here’s why.

6 Tips for Smart Back-to-School Spending on Tech

Got a college-bound kid? Here's how to equip your digital student without breaking the bank account.


3D Printing Used to Create Spare Parts, Save Money

Could 3D printing be the savior of broken and missing product parts? Quite possibly, but some copyright issues may need to be cleared up.


First Look: High-Speed Thunderbolt Accessories Strike

Storage, video editing, and other peripherals that can make good use of Intel's new ultra-fast Thunderbolt data-transfer connection, now start to emerge--initially for use with Apple products.


Dell 1250c Color LED Printer, $147

onSale is taking $83 off its regular price for the Dell 1250c color LED printer.

Tax-Free Holiday This Weekend: Good Time to Buy Tech Equipment

You'll find big savings this weekend if you buy computers and accessories in a state that doesn't collect taxes on them. Check our list to find out if you live in the right place.


Ink-O-Dem Refill Service: Good Quality, Modest Bargain

Refilling empty HP cartridges with Ink-O-Dem inks is cheaper than buying new--but not by much.

Try PCWorld's Speed Up Everything Superguide

Get 100-plus pages of tips to fire up your system and supercharge your other tech essentials.

New Personal 3D Printer Challenges MakerBot to a Fab-Off

Get it? A fabrication-off? Uh, never mind. Ultimaker, a Dutch 3D printer, is now available for preorder in the US.

HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer, $115

Pay only $115 for HP's Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One inkjet multifunction printer at Adorama.

Black Hat: Embedded Web Servers Open Printer, Scanner Security Holes

It's fairly simple to find corporate or consumer printers and scanners online and, without breaking into them, get a hold of documents that these devices...

G&G Ink Refill Kit: Maximum Hassle, Poor Printouts

An ink explosion, so-so output, and a balky printer mar this DIY ink-refill experiment.

Chocolate Printer Is Here; Foodies of the World Celebrate

It's a 3D printer that prints chocolate confections. Need we say more?