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Two more questions this week: one about finding missing printer drivers, the other about accessing Microsoft DFS shares from a Mac.

Veebeam Sends HD Video from Your PC to Your TV

Wireless USB device sends whatever video is playing on your laptop to your TV.


Green Plug Debuts Tech For Smart, Sleek Power Supplies

The Green Power Processor would eliminate 'wall wart' power supplies and help electronics use energy more intelligently.

3D-Printed Flute Is Here; 3D-Printed Stradivarius Next

Just when you thought it'd be tough to top 3D-printed cars, food, robots, and glassware, MIT researchers created a 3D-printed flute.


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Join us as we look back at some of the best hacks of 2010.


The Top 8 Future-Tech Stories of 2010

What will the future bring? We got a taste of what's to come in 2010. Join PCWorld's GeekTech blog as we take a look back at some of the hottest new tech of the past year.

10 Tech Accessories You're Paying Too Much For

Don't blow your budget on overpriced gadget accessories. Here's how to get the best deals on cases, cables, software, and more.


Lexmark Interact S605 Inkjet All-in-One, $93 is selling a Lexmark inkjet multifunction printer for $107 off, plus free shipping.

Best Sprint Phones

Thinking about starting (or extending) a contract with Sprint? Check out our ratings of the five best phones the company has to offer.


Portrait of a Serial Refiller: Ink Refilling Saves Money, Creates Mess

Our intrepid refiller cuts his ink costs by over 90 percent with an InkTec refill kit--but are the savings worth the hassle?

Fashion-Forward Printers: High-Design Models That Look as Good as They Work

Good-bye, putty-colored shoe box; hello, sleek and shiny fashion statement. These printers are designed to be admired as well as used.

Five Fastest Inkjet Multifunction Printers

These inkjet multifunction printers will finish your many home-office jobs quickly.

Five Fastest Color Laser Printers

Speedy, cost-efficient laser color printers for offices and workgroups.