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Asus FonePad Note

Asus introduces 6-inch Fonepad Note phablet

Asustek Computer introduced a new "phablet" device called the Asus Fonepad Note FHD6, which is part Android phone, part tablet.


What would it take to print out the Internet?

The poet laureate of the New York Museum of Modern Art wants us to print out the Internet and ship it to him. Is it possible? Sure. But it would be a LOT of paper.

Shutter Shades

15 kooky objects we produced on the TechHive 3D printers

After setting up our bank of 3D printers, we went on a wild printing spree. Here are some of our offbeat results.


Kim Dotcom's Mega yanks controversial 3D gun design

Kim Dotcom has ordered the removal from his Mega file-storage service design plans for a controversial one-bullet plastic gun.

Banned 3D printed gun files will never truly vanish from the Web

Even though Defense Distributed quickly complied with the State Department's command to strip its 3D printed gun schematics from its servers, the information is now and forever in the wild.


Obama plays up 3D printing's military applications under new manufacturing plans

3D printing has been attracting more attention in recent months as a tool to create gadgets, toys and miniature works of art. Now President Barack Obama thinks it can also play a role in strengthening the military and America's sagging manufacturing industry.

10 great technologies to secretly install on Mom's PC

Mom kept you safe and happy when you were a kid, and now you can do the same for her—or at least for her PC.

cody wilson defcad

3D-printable gun specs to be available next week, provider says

University of Texas law student Cody Wilson printed the 16-piece prototype using a Stratasys Dimension SST printer and ABS plastic.

3D printer? Staples says, 'Yeah, we've got that'

The office supply retailer is becoming the first US retail outlet to sell a 3D printer, the $1300 Cube 3D Printer. It's available online now, but will come to a limited number of brick-and-mortar stores by the end of June.

Print your own Yoda at home for $499: 3D printers become affordable

Several 3D printers that debuted at the first Inside 3D Printing conference in NYC now cost less than your laptop.


Gartner: 3D printers aren't for the average consumer

Consumers getting excited about the idea of at-home 3D printers may not want to get their hopes up anytime soon, Gartner research director Pete Basiliere says.

Hewlett-Packard: Tough years for a Silicon Valley pioneer

From pretexting to Autonomy, here's a timeline of Hewlett-Packard management changes.

London School of Fashion exhibition shows 3D-printed fashions

See shoes, glasses and jewelry from designers creating fashions using 3D printers—and see them being created.