Don't-Miss Printer Stories

Google Play $25 Credit Amps Android Downloads

Nexus 7 owners who get a nudge to go shopping at Google Play are finding many interesting and budget-priced apps available.


Bring Back the 80s With This Modern Take on the Old Mixtape

Miss the old mixtapes? This upgraded, 3D-printed version from MakerBot looks just like the real thing, but holds your favorite MP3 playlist instead.


Ben Heck Creates Portable, Autonomous 3D Printer, Makes DIY Community Jealous

If you want a 3D printer but are short on space, check out Ben Heck's 3D-printer-in-a-briefcase.


Top 12 Tech Travel Gadgets

Make your time away from home go smoothly with these clever charging gadgets, camera accessories, diversions to keep the kids quiet, and more.


Security Researchers Link Second Malware Program to Rogue Printing Incidents

A computer worm that propagates by exploiting a 2010 Windows vulnerability is responsible for some of the recent incidents involving network printers suddenly...

Toshiba Caves to Industry Pressure, Cancels Call for 'National No-Print Day'

Intended to be a green gesture, the event was canceled after a loud outcry from printing industry trade groups, which called it "ill-conceived."


Malware Infection Forces Printers to Print Garbled Data, Researchers Say

Printers connected to Windows computers infected with new variants of a malware program called Trojan.Milicenso.

Culinary Mastermind Meets Geek, Burrito Printing Emerges

There’s lots of cool stuff going on with 3D printers lately, but the BurritoB0t takes the cake--er, burrito.


3D Printer Prints In High Resolution, Isn't Resolutionary

This 3D printer can print super complex objects on a tiny scale by using light to build objects from liquid resin.


National No-Print Day: Will You Take the Pledge?

Printer maker Toshiba is sponsoring National No-Print Day on October 23, 2012, when it hopes the paperless office becomes a reality. Ironic?

This 3D Printer Can Use Up to 14 Materials, Make 3D Printing More Flexible

Most 3D printers can only handle one material at a time. But the Objet Connex can use up to 14 materials in a single print job.


Old Dot Matrix Printer Tracks Tweets, Makes Obsolete Tech Almost Useful

Got an old dot matrix printer sitting around? One modder turned one into a DIY Twitter ticker.


A 3D Printer For Ice Sculptures? Sure, Why Not?

Researchers at McGill University are looking into 3D printing ice sculptures--with remarkable success.


RepRap 3D Printers Will Soon Self-Replicate Like Bunnies

The RepRap can print out its own parts, which could help drive down the cost for DIY 3D printers.


DIY 3D Printing: Now Less Brittle With Nylon Extrusion

3D printing is getting more affordable, but printing in nylon will make printouts more flexible and durable.