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juniper netscreen 5200 firewall

Attackers hunt for tampered Juniper firewalls

An experiment by a cybersecurity research center shows attackers are trying to find Juniper firewalls that haven't been patched to remove unauthorized spying code.

ciscos greatest hits 2015 27

Cisco launches code review after Juniper's spyware disclosure

Cisco Systems has launched an internal code review following Juniper's disclosure last week of unauthorized spying code found in its enterprise firewall products.

Security online

Google joins Mozilla, Microsoft in pushing for early SHA-1 crypto cutoff

Google is considering banning certificates signed with the SHA-1 hashing function in Google Chrome starting Jul. 1.

juniper netscreen 5200

Juniper updates list of backdoored enterprise firewall OS versions

The administrative access issue only affects ScreenOS 6.3.0r17 through 6.3.0r20, while the VPN decryption issue affects ScreenOS 6.2.0r15 through 6.2.0r18 and 6.3.0r12 through 6.3.0r20.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook: There's no trade-off between security and privacy

In a strong defense of encryption, Apple's CEO Tim Cook said that there was no trade-off between privacy and national security when it comes to encryption.

juniper netscreen 5200 firewall

Juniper faces many questions after spying code planted in software

The discovery of spying code nestled deeply in Juniper's networking equipment, the latest example of a major IT vendor caught up in an damaging cyberattack, raises many questions.

Digital Key

Microsoft move to revoke trust in 20 root certificates could wreak havoc on sites

Tens of thousands of secure websites might start to display certificate errors to their visitors in January, when Microsoft plans to stop trusting 20 certificate authorities (CAs) from around the world.

juniper netscreen 5200 2

Juniper warns of backdoor spying code in firewalls

Juniper found spying code planted in certain models of its firewalls, an alarming discovery that echoes of state-sponsored tampering.


Cyberattack prediction: Hackers will target a US election next year

A major cyberattack next year will target a U.S. election, security expert Bruce Schneier predicts.

Microsoft extends SmartScreen browsing protection to foil malvertising and exploit kits

The Microsoft SmartScreen filtering technology built into Internet Explorer and Edge has now been updated to block Web-based attacks that silently exploit software vulnerabilities to infect computers.


Microsoft Edge browser now includes SmartScreen protection from drive-by attacks

The Windows 10 “November update” helps fend off sneaky drive-by malware in Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

20151216 afero chip

IoT startup Afero goes end to end for security

Internet of Things startup Afero says it can secure small and large IoT devices with a Bluetooth radio module and a cloud service.

victim identity theft computer problem

Over 650 terabytes of data up for grabs due to publicly exposed MongoDB databases

There are at least 35,000 publicly accessible and insecure MongoDB databases on the Internet, exposing 684.8 TB of data to potential theft.

angry linux

Vulnerability in popular bootloader puts locked-down Linux computers at risk

Pressing the backspace key 28 times can bypass the Grub2 bootloader's password protection and allow a hacker to install malware on a locked-down Linux system.

spam pixabay

Three men arrested for allegedly spamming tens of millions of people

Three men have been charged over a hacking scheme that allegedly collected tens of millions of personal records for use in spam campaigns.