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FireEye takes security firm to court over vulnerability disclosure

A spat between two security companies shows just how sensitive reporting software vulnerabilities can be, particularly when it involves a popular product.

Victim of identity theft

Cyberattack exposes 10 million records at US health insurer Excellus

Hackers gained access to over 10 million customer records from U.S. health insurer Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

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Xerox PARC's new chip will self destruct in 10 seconds

Engineers at Xerox PARC have developed a chip that will self-destruct upon command, providing a potentially revolutionary tool for high-security applications.

Digital Key

Ashley Madison coding blunder made over 11 million passwords easy to crack

A team of password cracking experts found flaws in the Ashley Madison code that allowed them to recover 11.2 million passwords from data leaked by hackers.

North Korea is likely behind attacks exploiting a Korean word processing program

North Korea is likely behind cyberattacks that have focused on exploiting a word processing program widely used in South Korea, security firm FireEye said Thursday in a report.

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US defense secretary mulls rapid grants for tech companies

The U.S. Department of Defense is considering offering rapid seed funding to private companies as a way to encourage more work on technology projects with the commercial sector, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Wednesday.

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Turla cyberespionage group exploits satellite Internet links for anonymity

The Turla cyberespionage group is hijacking satellite-based Internet connections in order to hide servers from security researchers and law enforcement agencies.

Victim of identity theft

Microsoft patches yet another Hacking Team zero-day exploit

Microsoft fixed a previously unreported vulnerability discovered in the cache of files leaked from Italian surveillance company Hacking Team in July.

whatsapp flaw

WhatsApp fixes dangerous flaw in Web app

WhatsApp, the widely used messaging program, has fixed a dangerous flaw in its Web app that could be used to trick people into installing malware, according to Check Point.

ashley madison

Trend Micro's spam traps surface more Ashley Madison fake users

There hasn't been a lack of strange things turning up in the Ashley Madison data leak. One of the latest discoveries comes from Trend Micro, which found bogus Ashley Madison profiles that used email addresses the company created solely for collecting spam samples.

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Microsoft Edge browser gets its first critical patches

In its monthly Patch Tuesday round of bug fixes, Microsoft issues 12 bulletins covering 56 vulnerabilities, including four in the company's new Edge browser.

Apple brings down apps, mainly Chinese ones, with malware

Africa’s effort to tackle cybercrime gains momentum

Tanzania enacts cybercrime law

spying eye

Blurred lines: Cyberespionage group caught borrowing banking malware code

A group of hackers that have been targeting military and government organizations from NATO countries have borrowed code from a leaked online banking Trojan.

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Severe external drive vulnerability prompts Seagate to issue emergency patch

Seagate has a firmware patch that fixes a serious vulnerability for select versions of the company's wireless external hard drives.

Digital Key

Credentials stored in Ashley Madison's source code might have helped attackers

The Ashley Madison developers stored sensitive credentials like database passwords, AWS API secrets, authentication tokens and SSL private keys in their source code repositories.