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Researchers discover many more Cisco routers infected with malicious firmware

Attackers have installed malicious firmware on nearly 200 Cisco routers used by businesses from over 30 countries.

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Indian draft rules on encryption could compromise privacy, security

India's government is trying to ensure that its law enforcement has easy access to encrypted information, but it could be compromising security and privacy in the bargain.

Apple brings down apps, mainly Chinese ones, with malware

Apple brings down malware-infected apps from store

Apple has brought down a large number of apps from its store after it was found that around 40 iOS apps had been infected by a modified version of the company's software for developers.

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Nasty URL bug brings Google Chrome to a screeching halt

Visiting—or merely mousing over a link that contains a specific string of characters—is enough to cause the current release of Chrome 45 to crash.

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Why Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever

With Device Guard and Credential Guard, Windows enjoys unprecedented protection from malware and advanced persistent threats

Sneaky malware allows online poker players to peek at your cards

Online poker malware lets other PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker players cheat by getting a peek at cards held by opponents whose machines have been infected.


'Let's Encrypt' free encryption project issues first SSL/TLS certificate

A project that aims to increase the use of encryption by giving away free SSL/TLS certificates has issued its first one, marking the start of its beta program.


Attackers slip rogue, backdoored firmware onto Cisco routers

Researchers have detected an attack that has installed rogue firmware on business routers in four countries.

DomainTools' Iris interface speeds up cybercrime investigations

Cybercriminals often leave a lot of digital crumbs, and when organizations get attacked, finding those clues can help reveal who is attacking and why.


McAfee adds multi-factor authentication and cross-device support to all its 2016 antivirus security suites

The revamped McAfee lineup includes LiveSafe, AntiVirus Plus, Internet Security, and Total Protection.

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White House won't say if it's hoping for a cybersecurity deal with China

With the visit of Chinese premier Xi Jinping just a week away, the White House isn't being drawn on whether an agreement might be reached with China over cybersecurity.

Apple brings down apps, mainly Chinese ones, with malware

Intel sets up talking shop to improve automotive security

Intel is creating the Automotive Security Review Board to help the automotive industry use its hardware in a secure way -- and to persuade security researchers to help it find bugs in its own automotive hardware.


Microsoft renews information-sharing partnership with NATO

Microsoft has expanded its agreement with NATO to provide the military alliance with a broader range of information as part of its Government Security Program.


Website hackers hijack Google webmaster tools to prolong infections

Some hackers verify themselves as owners for the websites they compromise in the Google Search Console.

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This nasty Android ransomware changes your phone's PIN code

Researchers at security company ESET have found a type of malware that changes an Android device's PIN, the first of its kind in an ever-evolving landscape of ransomware attacks.