Don't-Miss Servers Stories

Dell Buys Application Modernization Firm Clerity

Dell said Tuesday it has purchased application modernization vendor Clerity Solutions, in its second enterprise software-related acquisition news this week.

Dell Agrees to Buy Thin-client Company Wyse Technology

Dell has signed an agreement to acquire thin-client hardware and software company Wyse Technology, to expand its desktop virtualization offerings.

How Grows in a Unique Fashion

With customers and suppliers on seven continents, there is no good time for system maintenance--and little room for error--at

Intel Plans 'superchip' for High-performance Computing

Intel this week said it was investing in the development of a "superchip" for high-performance computing systems that the company hopes will raise its...

AOL Unplugs 10,000 Servers, Saves $5 Million

AOL decommissioned almost 10,000 servers and saved itself US$5 million along the way.

HP Seeks Pretrial Ruling in Itanium Lawsuit Against Oracle

Hewlett-Packard filed Monday for a pretrial ruling that Oracle is contractually required to offer future versions of its software on the Itanium platform...

China's Huawei Eyes Bigger Share of Server Market With New Tecal V2 Products

China's Huawei Technologies, best known as a telecommunication equipment supplier, is making a greater push into the server market as the company faces the...

AMD Reaches for the Cloud With New Server Chips

Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday is expected to announce new Opteron 3200 series chips for low-end servers, which the company hopes will give it a competitive...

Nearly a Half Million Servers May Power Amazon Cloud

Amazon's EC2 relies on a whopping volume of servers to manage and maintain users' storage, Accenture Research estimates.

Ubuntu 12.04: A 'Coming of Age' on Servers Too, Shuttleworth Says

Canonical's Linux distro is gaining ground on Web servers, recent data suggests.

Server Names Put the Fun in Functional

What's in a name? When it comes to servers, as it turns out, quite a lot.

Servers Are Refreshed With Intel's New E5 Chips

Top server makers on Tuesday announced major product upgrades with Intel's new Xeon E5 processors and technologies that deliver better performance and throughput...

Windows Server 8: Ten Features Managers Will Love

These new and improved features in Windows Server 8 will make many Windows administrators very happy.

Fujitsu Opens Saasification Factory to Fill Cloud App Store

Fujitsu Technology Solutions has already convinced 50 independent software vendors (ISVs) to sell their business software through its online Business Solutions...

Hands-On With Windows Server 8 Beta

The Metro user interface doesn't serve well as the default for a server OS, but so far the ingredients for success are here.