Don't-Miss Servers Stories

In Pictures: Mondo Data Centers

Think you have to manage a lot of IT gear? These massive facilities -- each at least 100,000 square feet and most much larger than that -- house thousands of servers and process millions of documents, images and videos every day.

Fusion-IO On-server Flash Coming to Cisco's UCS Blade Systems

Cisco Systems will get on board with Fusion-IO's flash storage modules later this year, becoming the latest server maker to offer the technology that is already...

HP and Oracle, Now Headed for a Split, Could Have Split up Sun

One of the more surprising episodes in Hewlett-Packard and Oracle's ill-fated enterprise IT partnership was touched upon for only a few minutes during testimony.

Server Sales Continue to Decline in EMEA Region, Says IDC

Revenue from server sales declined by about 12 percent year-on-year in Europe, the Middle East and Africa during the first quarter of 2012.

What to Look for in Cloud Data Migration Tools

New technologies and solutions not only ease the pain of data and application migrations, but actually accelerate the migration process.

HP's Livermore Was 'furious and Appalled' at Oracle Dropping Itanium

Hewlett-Packard enterprise chief Ann Livermore was "furious and appalled" when she saw Oracle's announcement that it would end development for HP's Itanium...

HP's Livermore Recalls Close Partnership With Oracle, Now Soured

Former Hewlett-Packard enterprise business chief Ann Livermore recalled a close working relationship with Oracle co-President Safra Catz, and the moves by Oracle...

ARM Server Built by Taiwanese Manufacturer MiTAC Revealed

ARM on Tuesday showed a server using its processors built by Taiwanese manufacturer MiTAC, which will join U.S. makers Dell and Hewlett-Packard in producing...

HP, Oracle Clash Over What Their Hurd Deal's Wording Means

Hewlett-Packard said Oracle committed itself to porting its core software products to future versions of Itanium in a 2010 partnership agreement with HP, while...

Oracle-HP Trial Will Trace an Ill-fated Partnership

After Oracle and Hewlett-Packard enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership in enterprise IT, it's hard to find anything that hasn't gone wrong with their relationship over the past two years.

Livermore Set to Be First Witness in HP-Oracle Trial

Ann Livermore, a member of Hewlett-Packard's board of directors and a longtime head of the company's enterprise business, will be the first witness called when a...

Cisco Gets Boost in Server Shipments in Q1, Gartner Says

Worldwide server shipments grew at a slower-than-expected clip during the first quarter of 2012, but Cisco, which has a small market share, beat market trends as...

Dell Reaches for the Cloud With New Prototype ARM Server

Dell on Tuesday announced a prototype low-power server with ARM processors, following a growing demand by Web companies for custom-built servers that can scale...