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3G SlingPlayer Arrives for iPhone

It took awhile, but the 3G version of the app has received Apple's blessing and should be available soon.


The Best Free Music Apps for Your Smartphone

We point you toward the go-to music apps for your iPhone, Android, WebOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile smartphone. And they won't cost you a dime.


iTunes and iPhone to Get Makeover Next Week, Reports Say

Apple tablet rumors aren't the only possible Apple announcements getting buzz in a run-up to Apple's press event on January 27.


Confirmed: Google Goggles Will Reach Other Platforms

Wondering whether Google Goggles will ever hit the iPhone or make its way to the BlackBerry? Here are some answers.


The $2 Britney Spears iPhone App and 5 Other Ways to Waste Money

Obsessed with Britney Spears? There is an app for that, as well as apps for tracking a number of celebs via your iPhone.


Disney Readies iPhone App

"Click2Life" feature unlocks Disney content after your iPhone captures an image on the Disney Website and -- later -- from posters or at Disney locations.


Sex and Smartphones: 5 Apps Edgier Than Pepsi's 'Amp Up'

Pepsi's yanked its Amp Up iPhone app following calls of stereotyping and sexism -- but there are plenty of other risqué apps out there.


The Best Tech Deals of the Week

We'll show you where to find the best prices on a HP netbook, a Nintendo DSi, a Sony point-and-shoot camera, a Lenovo laptop, and a Flip camcorder.

Hey Palm: Dump iTunes!

Palm needs to ditch this game of cat and mouse over iTunes and create a music sync it can control.

New Apps Will Give iPhone Blu-Ray Power

Universal has announced plans to launch a new series of iPhone apps that'll interact with its Blu-ray movie releases.


Apple Bans Palm Pre from iTunes: Get the Work-Around

Apple to Palm Pre users: Don’t come around here no more.


First Explicit App Lands in iTunes

New app will allow adults to test the iPhone's new parental controls.


In Pictures: HTC Hero Takes Android to New Heights

Meet the summer's newest smartphone, featuring multitouch input, a revamped user interface, Flash support, and more.