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Top 15 Horror Games for PCs and Consoles

Just in time for Halloween, these 15 horror-themed games will scare even the most seasoned master of the macabre.

Split-Screen TV Gaming Comes to iOS 5

Analysis: Apple zaps the Wii U, extending Airplay to any third-party app and enabling iPhones and iPads to serve as wireless game controllers for Apple TV.


Spotify Offers Facebook Privacy Tweak

Analysis: Facebook may be a requisite for using Spotify, but sharing your tunes can be an option.


15 Free Apps for Personalizing Your Android Phone

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Blockbuster Movie Pass Wants to Compete with Netflix

Netflix has lost the support of some customers with its new pricing plans. Can the new Dish Network/Blockbuster video plan woo them away?


Facebook Announces Timeline, Other Major Changes

Facebook has announced two major new features for its social network: Timeline and real-time media sharing.

Netflix Splits in Two, Adds Video Games, Upsets Users Further

Netflix to create DVD and game rental arm called Qwikster as company preps for streaming future.


Apple Pulls 'Jew or Not Jew' App from French App Store

The developer protests that the controversial app that identifies the religion of celebrities and public figures is "intended for fun."

Netflix Now Works on Android 2.2 and 2.3 Devices

The video-streaming service updated its app for smartphones running Froyo or Gingerbread versions of Android OS, but Honeycomb users are still out of luck.

Do More in Chrome Than Browse: 12 Free Fun Apps

We've rounded up 12 great apps available for the Chrome browser that let you play games, stream movies and music, and even figure out what's for dinner--all without downloading anything.


The Netflix Streaming Price Trap

I'd love to cut back on my Netflix service like others are doing, but the streaming policy may actually force me to give Netflix even more money.

Who Will Be the Next Steve Jobs?

These ten tech leaders have the vision, and they’ve shown that they have the drive--but do they have what it takes to spearhead the next great sea change in technology?