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iPad Restaurant App Reviews

Whether you're looking for a meal on the road or just want to shake up your restaurant rut at home, this latest installment of the iPad Chronicles looks at some apps that can help.


New Apple iPhone App Uses Augmented Reality to Replace Ads With Art

Use this app on your iPhone or iPad to automatically replace images shown in public advertising with some clever artwork instead.


Computer Games: Better Than Sex?

A study draws the conclusion that women would rather play video games than bedroom ones.

Spotify Hopes its Success will Spread in U.S.

After getting Europe on its playlist, the music service is finally available to listeners in America.


The Geekiest Tunes on Spotify

Turn your volume up to 11! To mark the US launch of Spotify, the GeekTech crew got together to create a list of awesomely geeky songs that you'll find on the service.


Must-Have Downloads for School

At college, you'll spend a lot of time with your PC. We've collected some free and low-budget favorites to make it easy to get to work (and play).

Top 15 Games We Want Ported to Modern Consoles

Fueled by retro game nostalgia, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade release several ports of classic titles. If this trend continues, here's what we want to see ported next.

Google Launches Its Google+ Social Networking Service

Google says its new service is a dramatic rethinking of traditional social networking paradigms where, Google says, there's no good way to define our various types of friendships, and share information accordingly.


Free Downloads to Make Use of PC Idle Time

Stepping away from your PC? Don't let it stop working for you--or for a lofty purpose. These eight freebies do everything from backup to scientific research, all while you're not looking.

35 Percent of College Students Use Apps While Driving

According to a study by the University of Alabama, one third of college students use apps behind the wheel


Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps of 2011 (So Far)

They're new, they're fun, they're useful and best of all, they're free -- Here are 20 iOS apps for work and play.


Playboy Unloads Wares on the iPad

The adult magazine skips past Apple's ban on sexy apps and makes archives available through iPad for a fee.


Apple's iCloud Service Spotted as 'Castle'

Ties to MobileMe suggest "Castle" will be much more than Apple's online music service, storing a variety of your digital stuff.