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Seven Cool Apps at SXSW

The best apps at Austin's South by Southwest show are the ones that have obvious utility outside Nerdville. Here are seven we liked.


10 Android 3.0 Honeycomb Apps You Can Get Now

The Android Market has a decent starter selection of Honeycomb apps; here are some of our picks.


Windows Phone 7: 10 Free Useful Apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace's 6000+ apps are far fewer than its rivals, but the Windows Phone 7 Zune-like interface gives apps a colorful and useful visual flair absent from other mobile platforms. Here are 10 free apps that benefit from that aesthetic.


IRS Gets Hip with Tax App for iPhone, Android

The application lets taxpayers check on their status of their tax refund and obtain helpful tax information.

The Best Black Friday Apps For Android

These five free Android apps will make your Black Friday shopping experience easier and more productive than ever.


7 Free Thanksgiving iPhone Apps

Apps you'll want to gobble up for the holiday.


Mobile Phones and Apps: Best of 2010

The popular Android 2.2 operating system for Google smartphones, the Samsung Epic 4G phone, and a host of interesting apps for both business and pleasure top our list.


PayPal’s iPhone Check Deposit: It Works!

Analysis: PayPal's deposit feature seems best-suited for those little checks for which it's a hassle to to a bank -- especially since the process is not speedy.


Beta Watch: Bitbop, Trailmeme, Cyncz

Enjoy TV episodes on your Android or BlackBerry phone, guide people around the Web, and keep your contact lists in order across devices.

Windows Phone 7's Secret Weapon: Games?

Analysis: As Microsoft's smartphone market share drops, the company may be eyeing new battle grounds to fight Android and Apple.

App Store Director Sells His Own Fart Apps

The app store may be virtuous (yeah, right) but its director isn't -- Phillip Shoemaker sells fart apps and follows porn stars on Twitter.


Playboy iPad App Arrives Nudity-Free Thanks to Apple

Playboy magazine has agreed to remove all risque content from its iPad application to pass Apple's strict rules on sex and nudity.


5 Favorite iPad Music Creation Apps

Apple's tablet offers new opportunity for composing with digital tools; here are a few apps to inspire aspiring musicians.