Don't-Miss Game Stories

Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity hits Steam, letting you benchmark DirectX 12 at home

Upgraded to Windows 10 because of DirectX 12? There's finally a game for you to benchmark your rig.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege hands-on: The most interesting next-gen shooter yet flirts with MOBAs

Rainbow Six Siege was originally scheduled to launch last week. Instead we went to Ubisoft's office to play five more hours ahead of release.


Publisher problems delay Obduction, Myst's spiritual successor, until 2016

One day a Kickstarter game will come out on time, but it is not this day. After a few months of back-and-forth, Cyan has officially pushed Obduction back to early next year.

Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends review impressions: Dungeons & Dragons & Dungeon Masters

Sword Coast Legends isn't quite the Neverwinter successor I hoped for, but its four-versus-one tabletop gimmick still seems like a lot of fun.

Jeff uh, uh, uh Finds-A-Way Goldblum

This week in games: Call of Duty goes Jeff Goldblum and Rocket League gets DeLoreans

Plus: Fallout 4 gets a live-action trailer, The Witcher 3 sics a tax collector on cheaters, and Overwatch announces a closed beta date. This is gaming news for October 12-16.


Valve takes a pledge: No ads on Steam

Valve is trying to create long-term relationships with Steam users, and ads could have a negative impact while also costing money to implement. “It would be a bad business decision, let alone just dumb,” Valve's Erik Johnson said.

steam controller angledd

Valve wants you to mod the Steam Controller

"What does a mod of the Steam Controller look like? I don't know," said Valve's Robin Walker. "But I think in a year we will know, and it'll be awesome."

Hands-on: Valve's Steam Machines, Steam Link, and Steam controller bring PC gaming to your living room

Steam Machines are finally here, buoyed by Valve's Steam Link and Controller. Here's our impressions of all three.

nvidia game ready

Nvidia plans to lock Game Ready drivers behind GeForce Experience registration

Soon, you won't be able to get Game Ready drivers for your GeForce graphics card unless you hand your email address over to Nvidia.

screenshot 2015 10 07 16.59.19

Raptr's client auto-finds key Counter-Strike: GO highlights for easy clip sharing's video client now automatically IDs and highlights your most epic moments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, making it a breeze to create and share highlight reels.

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut releases today, adds some beauty to nuclear winter

Wasteland 2 gets a Game of the Year edition/Director's Cut/HD remaster/re-release/whatever you want to call it. Basically, it's even better than it was before. You should play it.


GeForce Now review: Nvidia's 'Netflix for PC games' is impressive, but impractical

Nvidia’s server-based GeForce Now game service performs surprisingly well with the proper setup, but there are still too many reasons to stay away.

xbox controller dongle

This dongle brings Xbox One Wireless Controller support to Windows 10

A $25 USB add-on will let you use your Xbox One controller with your Windows games, and it's only days away.

g752 metal  12

Asus G752 revamps the ROG gaming laptop lineup with Skylake and Thunderbolt 3.0

Asus' updated gaming laptop gets Skylake, Thunderbolt 3.0 and an affordable price.

asus gx700 gaming laptop

Asus GX700 deep-dive: Here's what's inside the world's first water-cooled gaming laptop

This water-cooled laptop doesn't leak. We know, we tried.

Hands on with Asus' water-cooled GX700 gaming laptop

Want your gaming laptop to be cooler than your friend's? How about being water cooler?

fallout4 primarynew

This week in games: Team Fortress 2 gets spooky, Fallout 4's PC specs revealed, more

Plu:s The Witcher 3's latest patch notes detail 500+ fixes and voice actors vote to go on strike. This is gaming news for October 5 - 9.