Don't-Miss Game Stories


Steam now offers refunds for any game, within certain conditions

Doesn't run on your machine? Didn't like it? Want to prove a point? Valve doesn't care. They'll give you a refund anyway, within reason.


Bethesda is teasing a Fallout 4 reveal for tomorrow

Yes, tomorrow we might finally get our first details of the long-awaited RPG.


GameFly brings game streaming to Amazon Fire TV, taking on Nvidia and Sony

The mail-order video game rental service's expansion to streaming seems long overdue, but the market's still young and unproven.


Watch this insane gaming case transform from PC tower to mechanized showpiece

Better start redesigning your gaming den, because this chassis needs to be treated like a work of art.

1TB PlayStation 4 and new Xbox One bundle, controller tipped ahead of E3

This shouldn't be a big year for console news at E3, but that doesn't mean the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One couldn't use a few tweaks.

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is the Minecraft rival Lego should've released years ago

It took them five years, but Lego finally got around to releasing its own branded Minecraft competitor.


PC-exclusive XCOM 2 will put humanity on the defensive this November

The beloved XCOM strategy series returns this November with a much grimmer outlook on humanity's future—plus procedurally-generated maps.


Crazy Nintendo rumor says next console will be Android-based

With developer support waning, Nintendo's NX platform will reportedly woo developers with more flexibility on how to release their games.

Cloud gaming at 4K is still years away, Nvidia CEO says

Changes needed at server and infrastructure level to support 4K game streaming from Internet, Jen-Hsun Huang said

Corsair Bulldog

Corsair's Bulldog PC kit will bring next-gen Skylake CPU to the living room

Corsair's Bulldog supports Intel's next-gen Skylake CPU, and it's dead silent thanks to a liquid-cooled CPU and GPU.

gsync laptop

Nvidia debuts 6 G-Sync laptops and 7 G-Sync displays, as its tech war with AMD rages on

AMD and Nvidia have dueling display technologies to smooth out refresh rates in games. Hardware adoption is part of the battle, and Nvidia's winning--for now.

ung 8786

Nvidia's radical multi-resolution shading tech could help VR reach the masses

Nvidia's new multi-resolution shading tech takes advantage of the way virtual reality headsets render images to enable massive performance savings—which means prettier VR games or VR games on cheaper graphics cards.

Hot Pockets VR

This week in games: Twitch bans AO games as Hot Pockets head to virtual reality

Plus: 2K teases a new AAA project named 'Advent' and we're pretty sure it has nothing to do with that Orson Scott Card game Advent Rising. This is gaming news for the week of May 25.