Don't-Miss Game Stories


Newly-launched Fig allows crowdfunders to properly invest in (and profit from) indie games

It's like Kickstarter, except instead of throwing your money into Tim Schafer's wallet and saying "Keep the change," now Tim Schafer might give you some money back.

Grand Ages: Medieval

Grand Ages: Medieval preview: Economics, warfare, and economic warfare

Put on your medieval accounting hat, grab a jug of mead, and prepare to take over Europe—through the sword or the power of the ducat.

graphics cards amd nvidia

How Ubuntu's making it easier for Linux gamers to get the latest graphics drivers

Ubuntu Linux is miming Windows 10's approach to updating graphics drivers--but keeping it fully optional.

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Windows 10 won't run some older CD-ROM games, thanks to DRM

SafeDisc and SecuRom DRM schemes are not allowed on Windows 10, which means the games that require it aren't allowed either.


Windows 10's DirectX 12 graphics performance tested: More CPU cores, more oomph

New DirectX 12 benchmark points to a multi-core future and causes a ruffle with Nvidia.

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne

This week in games: Fallout 4 footage sneaks onto PornHub, Warcraft IV teased, and more

Plus, someone beat Dark Souls using only his voice, and Witcher 3 gets official mod tools. This is gaming news for August 10-14.


Xbox-to-PC streaming has a secret “very high” quality mode

If you’re unhappy with the sharpness of streaming Xbox games to your Windows 10 PC, here’s how to improve it.

Twitch Plays Dark Souls

Twitch is now communally playing through Dark Souls (poorly)

One of the hardest video games ever made just got a lot harder. And infinitely more frustrating to watch.

Google's Niantic Labs to become independent company

The developer of Google's mobile game Ingress will go solo as it aims to reach bigger audiences.

Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II, sequel to last year's acclaimed CRPG, announced by Larian

Larian's making a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin, and it wants your help (on Kickstarter).


I took Seagate's new 2TB Xbox drive and filled it with Steam games

Today, we redefine the phrase "Exclusively for Xbox One."


This week in PC games: Gamescom deluge cures the summer gaming drought

Plus: TIME Magazine's graphics department replaced by a child with a dull pair of scissors, and Cities: Skylines gets its first expansion trailer. We're wrapping up Gamescom for August 3 to 7.

microsoft nfl xbox one

Microsoft's NFL partnership enters next generation with new apps

Fans will get new apps for Xbox One and Windows 10, while football coaches get new Surface Pro 3 tablets.


Minecraft 2 isn’t happening “for the foreseeable future”

Mojang would rather focus on continuous updates and cross-platform features--kind of like its corporate overlords at Microsoft.


Paradox's Stellaris takes grand strategy to the vast vacuum of space

Think Crusader Kings II, except you're building a galactic empire full of weird incestuous aliens.