Don't-Miss Game Stories

Steam's wallet explosion

Summer game sales have begun! 6 tips to maximize your dollar

Here are some tips for making it through Steam's giant sale, as well as those on other gaming sites, with your wallet intact.


Amazon slashes PC game prices as Steam sale looms

While the PC gaming world waits for Steam to kick off its annual summer games sale, Amazon is getting an early jump with some deals of its own.

Microsoft wants its indie cred back: Partnership announced with Unity at Build 2013

At the Build 2013 conference, Microsoft and Unity announce a new partnership to bring the esteemed independent game engine to Xbox One developers for free—as long as Microsoft is the publisher.


Kinect for Windows developer's kit slated for November, adds 'green screen' technology

Microsoft's Kinect for Windows will be released in final form by next year, and include "green screen" technology to strip out backgrounds from behind users.

Microsoft licenses Age of Empires for iOS and Android

A version of Microsoft's Age of Empires game franchise will be developed for iPhones and Android devices, the first time an official Microsoft title will be released for the mobile platforms.


The 10 biggest PC game disappointments

Some games garner so much fan attention that they can't possibly live up to hype they've generated. Here are ten games from recent history that created high hopes but ended up being big letdowns.

Online pass for EA's Battlefield 3

EA's Online Pass is still dead as a doornail despite Xbox One's DRM reversal

Microsoft may have reversed course on its online plans, but EA hasn't. The contentious Online Pass system is still dead.


EA snubs sports lovers but tosses AMD fans a bone with next-gen PC gaming plans

EA says most modern gaming rigs can't handle the company's EA Sports Ignite engine, but games powered by its Frostbite 3 engine will be optimized for AMD graphics.

Sony yanks PlayStation 3 update after it bricks consoles

Sony's gaming division pulled its latest firmware update for the PlayStation 3 Wednesday, after widespread reports that installing it could render the console useless.


Who is a gamer?

Surprise! Adult women are more gamer nerdy than teenage boys

Stereotypes be damned. A recent survey found that women above the age of 18 make up significantly more of the gaming population than boys below the age of 17.


The 10 best racing games

Fancy a race? We’ve got you covered with Forza, Grid, and more of the best racing games of the last few years.


Hunting down the best unique games at E3 2013

The gaming industry loves sequels -- perhaps a little too much. But in this video report, we find a few entirely games that are worth your attention.


Free-to-play World of Tanks rumbles into your living room

World of Tanks will bring free-to-play gaming to Xbox Live on an unprecedented scale; can the freemium model succeed on consoles?


PlayStation 4

How Sony can still screw up the PlayStation 4

Sony left E3 as a big fan favorite, but decisions made by the company in the coming months could deflate that balloon.


Free Game Friday: Master the art of quick reaction times

To be a better gamer you must develop the critical thinking and reaction skills of a sensei.