Don't-Miss Game Stories


WildStar promises less grind as it goes free-to-play today

WildStar was the most promising MMORPG of 2014, then the most disappointing MMORPG of 2014. Now it's (maybe) the most promising MMORPG of 2015?


Project Spark game creation tool goes completely free as Microsoft unlocks DLC

Microsoft ceases active development on its Project Spark game creation tool.

twitch logo

Twitch fires back at YouTube with video playlists, HTML5 playback, PS4 app

Twitch's new feature make the livestreaming service more competitive against YouTube's upstart Gaming section.

Rainbow Six Siege

This week in games: Rainbow Six Siege beta is here, and so is Bigfoot (in GTA V)

Plus: Dragon Age Inquisition goes Game of the Year edition, Fallout teaches endurance, and Hitman gets delayed. This is the gaming news for the week of September 21 - 25.

oculus touch

The made-for-VR Oculus Touch controller definitely won't launch with the Oculus Rift

Bummer. Another bummer: Oculus still hasn't revealed pricing or launch day information about its highly anticipated VR headset.

minecraft vr

Minecraft is coming to the Oculus Rift VR headset

Virtual reality Minecraft is on its way.

oculus pc

'Oculus Ready' PCs will be guaranteed to meet virtual reality's demanding needs

Some of the biggest names in PC hardware are onboard the 'Oculus Ready' partner program.


Windows Vista/7/8 update prevents some old CD-ROM games from running

Citing security issues, Microsoft disables Safedisc DRM. But users can make old games work again at their own risk.


E-sports go primetime as TBS preps weekly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive TV show

TBS will be the first major U.S. cable network to show competitive video games on a regular basis.

one hand games

The 16 best one-hand Android games for fun on the go

One hand occupied? Have a few minutes to kill? These are some great games you can easily play with one hand.


Free game alert: Steam handing out copies of 1997 classic Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

It's the original, not the remake from earlier this year, but hey—free game.

System Shock

System Shock, the classic 1994 shooter, has been re-released on

The game that influenced Deus Ex, BioShock, and Half-Life gets a special 21st birthday present: System Shock Enhanced Edition, with updated controls and widescreen.

lands end

Land's End, from the creators of Monument Valley, coming exclusively to Samsung Gear VR

Land's End will drop you inside of a dreamy, puzzle-filled land much like Monument Valley.


This iOS game cartridge could satisfy Game Boy nostalgia (if it’s not vaporware)

Pico Cassettes mimic the look and feel of handheld gaming cartridges, but are still just a conduit to the App Store.

ubuntu borderlands

Steam for Linux tops 1,500 games as launch of Valve's Steam Machines nears

Linux gaming hits another big milestone, but still lacks the support of several major publishers.