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Video gaming sparks excitement in China

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were big attractions at this year's ChinaJoy show


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta is live: The major differences you need to know

Windows 10 users who already own the PC version can get a free download, with support for both touch and game controllers.

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Ink-shooting game 'Splatoon' helps power Nintendo to profit

Amiibo figurines and a weak yen also helped Nintendo, which has yet to say who will succeed Satoru Iwata

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Nokia rolls out spherical camera for virtual reality apps

The OZO has eight image sensors and eight microphones for immersive VR renderings

witcher 3 vesemir

The Witcher 3's final free DLC is a New Game Plus mode

What do you give the Witcher who has everything? The chance to do it all over again.

windows 10 hidden solitaire fees

Microsoft wants you to pay for Solitaire, again, in Windows 10

Yes, there is a monthly subscription offer buried within Windows 10. To play Solitaire.

fs update socialtease 4 3 2

Rejoice, Android gamers: Fallout Shelter is coming August 13

Bethesda confirms via Twitter that the highly-regarded mobile game won't be an iOS exclusive for long.

wii u amazon 100014152 orig

Nintendo shuts down TVii video service for Wii U

Users could use game pads to control video content, but TVii had few fans.

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament

This week in games: New Hearthstone expansion, plus drug tests for esports

Plus Rise of the Tomb Raider gets a PC release date, and Rare puts out a musical number for its upcoming compilation release.

rise of the tomb raider

Microsoft's Windows 10 Store app will finally sell some decent games

Microsoft has a well-established and well-organized Xbox game store, but Windows has inexplicably lagged behind, until now.

fallout bos

Fallout Anthology packs all five classic Fallout titles into a nifty mini-nuke case

Announced at Quakecon today, the Fallout Anthology is coming this fall.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Nvidia tosses a free copy of Metal Gear Solid V in with GeForce graphics cards

Hopefully this bundle turns out a bit better for Nvidia and its customers than that Batman: Arkham Knight bundle.


Twitch finally starts ditching Flash for HTML5

Twitch's slow move out from under Adobe Flash is slow going, but work on the video player is starting to appear.

Xbox One

Microsoft's working on keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox chief says mouse support is coming to the Xbox One, but what does that mean?

Knights of the Old Republic II

Decade-old Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II adds Steam Workshop, Linux, and 5K resolution support

More than ten years after its launch, we basically get Knights of the Old Republic II HD for free.