Don't-Miss Game Stories

Steam Controller

Valve's Steam Controller brings mouse and keyboard precision to the gamepad

On Friday, Valve made its third and final Steam Box announcement for the week. The big reveal? A gamepad that works with all current and future Steam games, featuring dual trackpads and a touchscreen.

AMD's low-level Mantle graphics could mean big things for PC gaming

On deck: Faster games and easier cross-platform portability—if developers use it.

China ends video game console ban with new Shanghai trade zone

China's 13-year ban on video game consoles is ending with the creation of a new free trade zone in Shanghai that will allow foreign-funded companies to sell game systems nationwide.

Why SteamOS will challenge Windows for PC gaming supremacy

Valve's Steam Box endeavor is ostensibly designed for the living room, but make no mistake: SteamOS is a serious threat to Windows.

AMD, Nvidia ramp up Linux driver support after Valve's SteamOS announcement

The Linux-based SteamOS isn't even available yet but it's already making waves.

Microsoft eyes China's gaming market with new joint venture

Microsoft is entering China's gaming market with a new joint venture, the latest sign that its Xbox console soon arrive in the country.

Valve expected to finally release details of its home console next week

Valve launched a new webpage Friday which hints of an announcement for its Steam Box home console early next week.


The Empire Squawks Back: Angry Birds Goes for a Star Wars sequel

The most unlikely partnership in the history of video games is getting a bonus round: The Angry Birds franchise released its second go-round with Star Wars, giving us Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Grand Theft Auto V records a whopping $800M in first-day sales

That's one heck of a steal for the latest game in the venerable GTA series, most likely the largest one-day sales total for a video game in history.

Valve boss says Linux is the future of gaming, hints at Steam Box announcement

Open source trumps walled gardens, says Valve's Gabe Newell—but that's not all he said.

Zynga settles with employee over alleged theft of game secrets

Zynga said it had settled a lawsuit alleging theft of trade secrets by a former employee, with the employee also issuing an apology.

GameStick Android game console set for September 30 retail launch

The $80 Android-based game console is on sale through several online retailers, including Amazon and GameStop.


Struggling Nintendo announces 2DS handheld, cuts Wii U price

The new handheld system is $40 cheaper than the Nintendo 3DS, and it plays all the same games, albeit without a 3D screen.