Don't-Miss Game Stories

The Empire Squawks Back: Angry Birds Goes for a Star Wars sequel

The most unlikely partnership in the history of video games is getting a bonus round: The Angry Birds franchise released its second go-round with Star Wars, giving us Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Grand Theft Auto V records a whopping $800M in first-day sales

That's one heck of a steal for the latest game in the venerable GTA series, most likely the largest one-day sales total for a video game in history.

Valve boss says Linux is the future of gaming, hints at Steam Box announcement

Open source trumps walled gardens, says Valve's Gabe Newell—but that's not all he said.

Zynga settles with employee over alleged theft of game secrets

Zynga said it had settled a lawsuit alleging theft of trade secrets by a former employee, with the employee also issuing an apology.

GameStick Android game console set for September 30 retail launch

The $80 Android-based game console is on sale through several online retailers, including Amazon and GameStop.


Struggling Nintendo announces 2DS handheld, cuts Wii U price

The new handheld system is $40 cheaper than the Nintendo 3DS, and it plays all the same games, albeit without a 3D screen.


Xbox One full specs

Xbox One's massive, custom CPU can pick you out of a lineup

At the Hot Chips conference at Stanford, Microsoft designers reveal the chips at the heart of the Xbox One console as well as its Kinect depth sensor.

Hackers attack League of Legends, steal user account data and credit card info

The League of Legends hack is bad, but fortunately, the most crucial information was encrypted.

Games developers get translation plug-in for Unity

Games developers using Unity Technologies' cross-platform tools can now access a translation plug-in in beta that could expand their products' geographical reach.

Fable: Legends

Microsoft announces hefty list of AAA Xbox One launch titles

Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Dead Rising -- these are just the first four titles in the 23 Microsoft plans to have available at the launch of the Xbox One.

EA brings full refunds to Origin, its PC games store, in an ongoing quest for gamer love

In a virtually unheard of move among digital download services, EA will let you return games you buy via its Origin download service. Take that, Steam!

Ditching your 360? Amazon offers Xbox One game upgrades for $10

If you buy one of this year's hot titles on the Xbox 360, Amazon will let you trade it (and $10) in for its Xbox One counterpart.



New variation of old malware steals log-in credentials from Steam users

A new variant of the Ramnit financial malware is using local Web browser injections in order to steal log-in credentials for Steam accounts, according to researchers from security firm Trusteer.