Don't-Miss Game Stories

Jason Holtman (Left) at GDC

Valve Steam's former chief joins Microsoft

Jason Holtman's LinkedIn account confirms that he is now working within Microsoft in 'PC Gaming and Entertainment Strategy.'

AMD's new gaming bundle is a game in itself

AMD discards its fixed list of games that are bundled with AMD graphics cards, moving to a system where users can choose--or gamble that new titles will be added in the future.

Zynga flattens management structure, three execs will leave

Three top executives of struggling Zynga will move out of the company, as the games developer aims to flatten its management structure.

Microsoft hides the Xbox One's DVR (and other killer features) behind a paywall

If you want the best the Xbox One has to offer, you'll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

plants vs zombies 2 china

Chinese gamers think Plants vs. Zombies 2 is too hard, accuse developers of discrimination

A Chinese edition of Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been criticized for being too tough, forcing users to buy in-game items to get to the next level.


Xbox Enforcement United

Xbox team creates community deputies to fight trolls

Meet Xbox Enforcement United, a community posse of users who Microsoft has asked to help clean up its user base.

Shield (1)

Nvidia Shield review roundup: Iffy software holds back the handheld's beautiful hardware

The Nvidia Shield gaming handheld can play Android games and stream full-fledged PC games from GeForce graphics cards, but reviewers say both experiences are a mixed bag.

The tech behind EVE Online's 'Battle of 6VDT,' the biggest brouhaha in gaming history

One system, four thousand players, 2,500 ships destroyed, and an untold number of weapons discharged: EVE Online's Battle of 6VDT was a beast. Here's how developer CCP kept the slaughter from melting its servers.

Age of Booty

Facebook offers promotional help to small game developers

Facebook has created a new program to encourage third-party developers to build games that will run on the company's mobile clients.


Xbox One controller

Xbox One's controller pricing furthers the PlayStation 4 cost advantage

Microsoft put the Xbox One controller up for preorder. at the same price as what Sony is charging for the PlayStation 4—but it uses AA batteries. The company also Xbox One Chat headset.


Zynga loses nearly half its daily users, says it's time for a 'reset'

Times are hard in Farmville as its owner, social games company Zynga reports that its user base has declined by almost a half in the past year.


Microsoft Xbox services go down for some users

If you're having problems signing into your Microsoft Xbox console, playing games, or watching video, you're not alone.

Halo: Spartan Assault launches for Windows 8 and WP8 with a few 'gotchas'

The debut of the legendary Halo series on Microsoft's next-gen platforms looks fun, but be sure to read the fine print.