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World War I shooter Verdun recreates Christmas truce with snowballs, Christmas letters

Join friends and foes alike in throwing snowballs, playing football, and not getting shot/gassed/bayoneted.

fijixt 2

AMD delays Radeon graphics card with dual Fiji GPUs until 2016 to wait for VR rollout

AMD will wait until the VR headsets are ready before it rolls out the previously announced double Fiji GPU graphics card.

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Xbox Countdown launches 17 days of deals to compete with Steam's Winter Sale

Microsoft takes a page from Steam's playbook and then some, holding a longer sale in hopes of keeping users firmly planted in front of their consoles.


Steam Winter Sale kicks off with deals on The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, and more

Plus Valve will give you three free trading cards per day. Still no Daily and Flash sales, though.

mit wireless silhouette fingerprints X-ray

Soon you too can have 'X-ray vision' for just $300

It may not be ready for gift-giving this year, but come 2017 this could be the hottest item on wish lists around the world: a $300 device that enables X-ray vision.

Pillars of Eternity

Obsidian documentary chronicles Pillars of Eternity's creation

"The Road to Eternity," originally available only to Kickstarter backers, can now be yours for a dollar.


Vulkan, DirectX 12's more open rival, slips to 2016

The next-generation open source graphics API Vulkan won't be ready before 2015 is out, but the Vulkan Working Group says the first version is almost done.

Rainbow Six Siege

This week in games: Rainbow Six Siege gets a free weekend, Battlefield 4 gets free maps

Plus: You got your AT-AT in my Fallout 4! This is your gaming news for the week of December 14 - 18.

steam sale

Valve slapped with lawsuit over 'unfair' Steam game resale ban

A French consumer association, steamed up at the way major online game platforms prohibit the resale of games, is seeking to make an example of Valve Software, operator of the Steam platform.


Exercising in virtual reality with VirZoom's bike controller sounds fun, but isn't

Inside: Hayden rides a stationary bike with an Oculus Rift on his head, and it's enshrined in gif form forever.

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Consumer tech should be cheaper by July, when import tariffs end

The World Trade Organization hopes to cut the cost of IT and consumer electronics products and boost trade in them with the abolition of tariffs on imports including game consoles, TVs, GPS receivers and advanced chips together worth US$1.3 trillion annually from July 2016.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

After a decade of waiting, there's a new Homeworld game coming

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak looks oddly like Homeworld: That Dune Game You Always Wanted. And I'm okay with that.

rocket league

Video: Our top 5 picks for PC games of the year

From Witcher 3 to Kerbal Space Program, these are the PC games that gave PCWorld editors the biggest smiles in 2015.

nvidia broadcast gfe

Nvidia's GeForce Experience beta adds screenshot tools and Twitch-friendly overlays

Nvidia's latest GeForce Experience beta adds a much-needed screenshot tool and new tweaks for Twitch and YouTube Live broadcasts.


This is what Super Mario Bros. 3 on the PC could have looked like in Doom-maker id's hands

Super Mario Bros. 3 never made it to PC even though two of the biggest names in PC gaming history tried to make it happen. Here's what that first early rough cut looked like.