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Google Play Store now offers pre-registration for new app releases

By pre-registering for an app release, you'll get alerted when it's ready and can download it right away.

will wright

Sims creator Will Wright on his new Thred app, augmented reality, and giving everybody tools to be creative

From SimCity to The Sims to Spore, Will Wright's entire career has revolved around letting gamers use their own creativity, and Thred, his new app, continues the theme


This week in games: Zombie goats, Portal Legos, guns that shoot cars, and more

Plus: A ton of pre-E3 game announcements and rumors, Ouya desperately needs a buyer, and Ubisoft threatens us with Watch Dogs 2. This is gaming news for the week of May 4.

nintendo mario

Nintendo plans 5 'hit,' long-lasting smartphone games by March 2017

Instead of flooding the smartphone gaming market with Mario and Zelda, Nintendo says it's picking its battles carefully.

PCWorld News

Nintendo says its new smartphone games will drive console sales

The first game for smart devices will be rolled out in this calendar year

Grand Theft Auto V Whale

Rockstar gives singleplayer Grand Theft Auto V PC mods an official blessing

After a month of questions and reported bans, Rockstar finally clarified its stance on modding.


Oculus Rift's consumer model will launch in early 2016, after Valve's VR headset

Oculus has been busy wrapping up ecosystem support for the Oculus Rift, but the delay may cost it the crucial first-to-market status for the fledgling field of VR.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Buy a GeForce graphics card, get The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight free

Nvidia ups its original Witcher 3 deal to add copies of Batman: Arkham Knight to any GTX 980 or 970 purchase. But you'll have to act fast.

GOG Galaxy

GOG's Galaxy client, a DRM-free Steam alternative, enters open beta

And in typical GOG fashion, it's all about providing options. Don't like Galaxy? That's fine, don't use it!

microsoft windows holographic 3d minecraft

Why Microsoft bought Minecraft: To showcase HoloLens' augmented reality

What does $2.5 billion get you? If you're a Microsoft, a really cool augmented reality demo.

witch square enix 1 demo

Powerful DirectX 12 game demo points to a way out of Uncanny Valley

The inability to emulate human emotions in CG characters is one aspect that makes them so creepy, but a demo showed off at Build 2015 may point to a way out of the uncanny valley.

gaming pc

PC gaming is finally getting a dedicated E3 event

E3 is typically a console-centric show, but the PC Gaming Show aims to shine a spotlight on the most powerful gaming platform around.


Steam now lets developers sniff out cheaters and swing the banhammer

Tired of cheaters? Valve now lets developers detect and ban "disruptive players" from games semi-autonomously.