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Internet Archive brings hundreds of classic Apple II games to your web browser

Classic Apple II games and programs hit a milestone at the Internet Archive. Who’s up for some Lode Runner?

Xbox One controller

Microsoft will soon explain how Universal Xbox apps work

With Xbox One, Microsoft's Universal apps are about to expand beyond Windows in a major way.


This week in games: Doom gets artistic, Battlefield (maybe) heads to World War I

Plus Bethesda fixes Doom's boring cover art, the Life is Strange devs are working on a vampire game, and Mass Effect meets a delay. This is gaming news for February 29 - March 4.

tomb raider windows store

Epic CEO accuses Microsoft of turning PC gaming into a walled Windows Store garden in weakly argued rant

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says Microsoft wants to monopolize PC gaming, but leaves out the evidence.


Myst's spiritual successor Obduction finally has its first real trailer

Take a tour of Obduction's alien worlds with its first real trailer.


Valve's discounting Steam bundles if you already own some of the games

If you already own games in a Steam bundle, Valve will now discount the price--but only if developers opt in.


Samsung’s fancy curved monitors are the first with FreeSync over HDMI

Samsung FreeSync-over-HDMI monitors make AMD’s variable refresh rate tech more accessible.

rock band 4

Rock Band 4 is coming to PC, but only if crowdfunding helps Harmonix pay for it

This is for every person who said "It will never happen." "The PC is a security risk." "Rock Band is a living room experience."


The first DirectX 12 game is here as Gears of War crash lands on Windows 10 with issues galore

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Windows 10 launch dinged by issues with AMD graphics cards, G-Sync monitors, and Nvidia graphics switching.

PlayStation 4

Next PlayStation 4 update will let you play your games on Windows PCs and Macs

The next major operating system update for PlayStation 4 will stream games to your Windows or Mac PC via Remote Play, but the upcoming beta won't have the new feature.

athlonx4 880k

AMD's iconic Athlon lives on as a bridge to Zen chips

In the early 2000s, AMD's Athlon chips rocked the PC market with innovative features like 64-bit capabilities, and Intel had to scramble to catch up.

a107890k eng

AMD's new A10-7890K is its fastest-ever desktop chip with an integrated GPU

AMD is shattering a speed record with the A10-7890K processor chip, its fastest chip yet with integrated graphics.

quantum break xbox one

Microsoft's Xbox chief talks 'forward-compatible' hardware and outlasting PlayStation

Microsoft Xbox chief Phil Spencer says games for the current Xbox One will be playable on next-gen hardware, and the current One may receive some hardware improvements as well.

mike ybarra Microsoft

We asked Microsoft gaming czar Mike Ybarra about the future of DirectX and mobile gaming

We sit down with Mike Ybarra, the Microsoft point person for gaming across the Windows and Xbox One platforms, and ask him about the future of DirectX 12, gaming on the HoloLens, and more.

Alan Wake

I found a trailer for Alan Wake's Return hidden inside my Quantum Break preview

A TV in Quantum Break seems to match the Alan Wake's Return trademark discovered last week. Maybe.

Hands on: Forza Apex gives Windows 10 users a taste of a classic Xbox game

Microsoft has taken a chunk of its hit Forza Motorsport 6 racing game for the Xbox One and made it entirely free for Windows 10 PCs and DirectX 12.

Minecraft on Oculus Rift is the best VR game to date

Minecraft on HoloLens may be cool, but with Minecraft on Oculus Rift, you feel more like you stepped into the world.