Don't-Miss Graphics & design software Stories

Adobe Ends Mobile Flash Development, Report

Adobe will no longer develop Flash for mobile browsers, and will focus on HTML5 instead.


Adobe to Reduce Enterprise Software Investment

Adobe will cut 750 jobs and reduce its investment in enterprise software as part of a broader plan to target the fast-growing markets for digital media and...

Music Via Subscription Projected To Grow More Than 300% in Next Four Years

The rise of connected mobile devices coupled with increased storage will make music subscription services more attractive, according to a leading research firm.


Microsoft Quietly Changes WP7 Specs to Allow Phones without Cameras

Backing off on the standard specs allows hardware makers more flexibility to design phones for specialized markets and cut costs along with cutting features.


Siri, When Will Apple Launch its iTunes Match Music Service?

Apple misses its own October date to launch iTunes Match, its ambitious cloud-based music service.


Ditch iTunes Forever With Spotify

Streaming music service Spotify finally lets users keep their iDevice but ditch iTunes.


Apple Inks Another Deal Hinting it will Create own Maps App

A mapping solution of its own could bring native audible turn-by-turn directions to iOS, Apple's mobile operating system.


Apple iOS App Helps Locate Nearest Haunted House

Haunted House is a location-based app that uses's directory, supposedly the Web's largest and most comprehensive, to find haunts near you.


iPod Oddities

A decade of weird sidelights of the world's most iconic gadget.

5 iPad Gadgets for Geeks

These iPad extensions go beyond web-browsing and video-watching; they're designed for technophiles who push their iPads to do more.


Designers Respond to Adobe's Acquisition of Nitobi, TypeKit

Creatives at Adobe's MAX 2011 event in Los Angeles respond to Adobe's purchase of two highly-regarded web platforms.


Apple iPhone 4S Features Roundup: A Visual Tour of What's New

No iPhone 5 arrived, but Apple announced a bevy of new features for its new iPhone 4S, including a dual-core processor, a better camera, and an innovative voice-command technology called Siri. Let's take a closer look.


Microsoft Officially Kills Zune

Microsoft will focus on Windows Phone 7 as its primary MP3 player.