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Amazon Announces $199 Kindle Fire Tablet, Clutch of New Kindle E-Readers

Amazon enters the tablet wars with the well-priced Kindle Fire, and ups the e-reader market ante with new, more-capable Kindle e-readers.

15 Free Apps for Personalizing Your Android Phone

Change the look of everything on your phone--from the browser to the home screen--with these useful Android apps. They won't cost you a cent.


Amazon Inks Deal With Fox for More Than 2,000 New Streaming Movie Titles

With new titles--and a tablet announcement apparently on the horizon--Amazon could shape up to be Netflix’s biggest competitor in streaming media services.


Interview With BurstPoint CFO Terenzio Volpicelli

This video content management and distribution system allows organizations to take advantage of high-definition live or saved video to educate, collaborate, and connect with others.

Oracle, Google Set Third Settlement Conference

Oracle and Google will engage in another attempt to settle their lawsuit over alleged Java patent and copyright violations in the Android mobile OS.

Spotify Music Service Opens to All; Gains Facebook Streaming

Sign up now and enjoy six months of unlimited access to Spotify's more than 15 million tunes.


A Look at Pandora's New Web Interface

After years of the same Flash-based interface, the Internet radio service takes advantage of HTML5 to give users a faster, slightly more appealing experience.


Don't Panic: The Netflix Qwikster Change May Be Exactly What You Wanted

Sure, Netflix modifies the DVD-by-mail service you know and love, rebrands it as Qwikster, and divorces it from streaming media. But don't lose all hope.


Netflix Splits in Two, Adds Video Games, Upsets Users Further

Netflix to create DVD and game rental arm called Qwikster as company preps for streaming future.


HTC Sensation XE: First Smartphone With Dr. Dre's Beats Audio

When used with Beats headphones, the Sensation XE automatically switches to a high-quality personalized sound profile.


Windows 8 Update: The End of Adobe Flash?

Microsoft says it will rely on HTML5, not Flash, for the Metro-style interface of Internet Explorer 10. Will your online video-watching be affected?

Microsoft: No Windows Server for ARM

While Microsoft is embracing the ARM processor architecture for its next Windows client operating system, Windows 8, the company has no immediate plans to...

Microsoft Previews Next Windows Server

Windows Server 8 will replace the current version of the operating system, Windows Server 2008.