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Top 10 Free Apps for Your $99 HP TouchPad Tablet

Found one of the elusive TouchPad tablets? Keep saving money by putting these free apps on it.


Microsoft's JavaScript Focus is a Winner

Analysis: JavaScript scripting is the best way forward for Microsoft Office and the Windows platform

Report: Apple iPod, iPhone Event Scheduled for September 7

The latest rumor gives a specific date for Apple's next media event, supposedly to release its new line of iPods, and perhaps the iPhone 5.


Copyright Trolls: 200,000 BitTorrent Users Sued Since 2010

Mass lawsuits against file sharers hit a record high.


Instagram Your Photos Without an iPhone

You don't need an iPhone to get the Instagram and Hipstamatic filter effect.


Skype Finally Brings Video Chat to Most Android Phones

The updated video chat software also includes support for Android tablets.


Adobe's Edge Prepares for an HTML 5 Future

Analysis: The multimedia tool acknowledges -- and prepares Adobe's path in -- a world beyond Flash.


9 Apps to Transform Your Android Phone Into a High-End Camera

We scoured multiple Android app stores to find the ultimate photography apps for shooting, editing, and sharing pictures. Here are the nine apps we tested that every photographer should have.


Julia Roberts Ad Banned in the UK for Abuse of Photoshop

UK ad watchdogs bans ads for cosmetics that feature apparent heavy editing of actress Julia Roberts's face.

Netflix: Price Hike Backlash Won't Last

Netflix CEO says the company knew what it was getting into by raising prices and is satisfied with the way things turned out.


Adobe Software Breaks Down on Mac OS X Lion

Analysis: More than a dozen Adobe products are not working properly on Mac OS X Lion, Apple's new desktop operating system.


Why Google+ Games Might Not Annoy

Analysis: Google has learned from Facebook's missteps and could easily segregate game-players to their own circles.


Oracle, Google Both Get Lesson in Financials over Patent Claim

A federal judge orders Oracle to lower its multibillion-dollar claim, while telling Google to rethink Android's role.

RIM Buys Video-editing Vendor JayCut

Research In Motion has acquired JayCut, a Web-based video-editing software company, to bolster the multimedia capabilities of its PlayBook tablet.

Flash Player 11, Adobe AIR 3 Betas Released

Updated Flash Player adds 64-bit support for Mac OS X and advanced audio compression codec; AIR 3 technologies support advanced graphics rendering and high-definition video.