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RealNetworks' Purchase of TidySongs Causes Confusion

When RealNetworks purchased the music software TidySongs earlier this year, some customers who paid for TidySongs before the sale complained that their service...


Copyright Cops Team with ISPs to Crack Down on Music, Movie Pirates

Your ISP may have just agreed to take a more active role in protecting copyright owners. If you get a "Copyright Alert" from your Internet service provider, watch out.

Where to Watch the Last Space Shuttle Launch Online

You don't have time to get to the Kennedy Space Center, but you can still view the launch. Here's the scoop on streaming video, NASA TV, smartphone apps and more regarding this historic event.


Facebook's Video Chat: First Tests Produce Buggy Results

Facebook’s video chat could be a killer app, but only if the social networking giant works out the kinks.


A Graphical Timeline of American History (In Games!)

The editors of our sister site,, threw together this handy graphical timeline of (streamlined) American history (via screenshots of games). How fun is that?

Apple Offers Refunds for Unhappy Final Cut Pro X Users

Final Cut Pro X has been lambasted by video professionals who are quick to point out a litany of missing features and usability issues.

Apple Addresses Final Cut Pro X Outcry with FAQ Posting

Apple is promising to add more features to the next iteration of Final Cut Pro including exporting XML and support for OMF, AAF and EDL exchange formats.

John Linnell of They Might Be Giants: A Technologizer Tech Interview

John Linnell of They Might Be Giants spills the dirty details on his tech filled past, present, and future.


Comcast's Skype TV Calling Could Be a Hit

Comcast is introducing a video conferencing option.

iTunes in the Cloud Versus Other Music Services

Apple’s iTunes integration with iCloud is a completely different beast from the music services offered by Amazon and Google.


Adobe: Flash Dispute with Apple is 'Over'

It's not that Flash will appear on iPads, but that Android will soon dominate mobile devices, Adobe CEO says.


Google Releases Video Chat Source Code

Google has released the code for WebRTC, a voice and video codec for the web.

Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps of 2011 (So Far)

They're new, they're fun, they're useful and best of all, they're free -- Here are 20 iOS apps for work and play.


Apple to Mirror Music Libraries in Cloud Service, Report Says

Apple's so-called iCloud is expected to scan your library and mirror its selection on its servers, sometimes resulting in better versions of the music files.


Laptops and Game Consoles Could Replace Set-Top Boxes in Comcast Test

Cable giant proposes to beat AT&T's U-Verse and other rivals with their own technology for regular and on-demand programming.