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MegaUpload Founder Could Get His Property Returned

New Zealand authorities have admitted to making a procedural mistake before seizing Kim Dotcom's possessions.

CanvasPop Integrates With Facebook

The service turns low-resolution photos into a high-quality canvas prints.

SXSW 2012: Browser Firm Opera Talks HTML5, Successes, and Challenges

Opera, and other browser makers, face multimedia challenges as HTML5 becomes a reality on mobile devices and desktops.


Popular Instagram iOS App Hits 27 Million Users: Now Headed for Android

In less than a year, Instagram users had taken and shared 150 million photos, and soon more will have access, the company CEO confirmed at a tech conference this weekend.


Amazon May Join Netflix and Hulu and Produce Original TV Content, Report Says

Amazon hired a Hollywood insider, triggering a guessing game as to whether the online behemoth may be joining Netflix and Hulu in producing original TV content for its online streaming business.


Dropbox Adds Automatic Photo Uploads

The app will automatically upload your images to a expanded cloud storage from a Mac or Windows PC or Android device, with iOS support expected soon.

Adobe Reveals More CS6, Creative Cloud Details

Adobe will launch its Creative Cloud software-and-services bundle alongside Creative Suite 6 in the first half of the year.

Android Tablet Productivity Pack

Check out these 28 great apps for getting the most out of your Android tablet.


VLC 2.0 Release Candidate Is Here; Android and iOS Versions Soon

VideoLAN introduces its first release candidate for VLC 2.0, and announces plans to port the new version to iOS and Android.


No Flash for Chrome on Android, Adobe Says

Google missed the Flash boat, after Adobe announced it is abandoning development of Flash for mobile browsers.

Google Pulls 'Atlantis' from Google Earth

An update to the Google Earth ocean-floor-mapping algorithm eliminates a grid-like pattern that some suspected might be the mythical lost city of Atlantis.

Apple Scraps Controversial Terms in iBook Author EULA Agreement

Company bows to howls by iBook authors and publishers on restrictions in


Apple iTunes Match Glitch Replaces Explicit Lyric Songs With Censored Versions

Tunes by rap artists Kanye West, Jay Z, and Ice Cube are affected.