Don't-Miss Health and Fitness Stories

jawbone up4 lifestyle image 2

Jawbone Up update fills in the fitness tracker's missing gaps

Responding to customer complaints, Jawbone will add automatic sleep tracking to its Up line of trackers, among other new features.

Inside Ames: ‘Star Trek’ inspired tricorder takes your vitals

The Scanadu Scout is a handheld device that measures your blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen level and heart rate in 30 seconds and sends the results to your smartphone.


Jawbone returns to the Apple Store, while straying further from its own hardware

Huawei will be the first dedicated fitness tracker to support Jawbone's app and coaching features.

awair product picture front

Awair is a connected air monitor that gets increasingly smarter with use

The app-controlled device uses multiple sensors to analyze your environment and make sure the air around you is fit to breath.


google fit

Google Fit now tracks your calories, distance, and throws in a custom watch face

It also adds some interface tweaks to make it easier to quickly glance at your key health statistics.

cur wearable small curved

The $300 Cur wearable may literally be the answer to all your pain and suffering

Cur takes time-tested TENS technology, and puts it on a simple patch to block pain signals at their source.

fitly smartplate

The Fitly SmartPlate may not be quite as dumb as other smart tableware

Using optical recognition and weight sensors, the Fitly SmartPlate promises to tell you exactly how much protein, carbs and fat you're eating in every meal. But will it really work?


Apple admits that tattoos can confuse Apple Watch sensors

Apple's support documents now warn that certain tattoos can cause problems with with heart rate readings.

acer liquid leap

Acer's new Liquid Leap wearable bands measure stress

The wearable bands can also measure heart rates and count steps.

microsoft band 3

Microsoft Band now shares activity, updating the Health app wth iOS, Android phone data

The Microsoft Band and Health apps will begin comparing your fitness to a cross-section of your peers. And if you don't have a Band, no problem -- the Health app will use your iPhone or Android phone, instead.

doximity apple watch

First Apple Watch health IT apps bring important messages to the wrist

The apps will handle tasks suited for a small screen, like reviewing text messages.

jawbone up4 lifestyle image 3

Jawbone tackles mobile payments with UP4 fitness tracker

Out this summer, the UP4 will combine the heart-tracking features of the UP3 with NFC payments by American Express. A lightweight UP2 tracker rounds out the offering.

jawbone up3

Jawbone's UP3 will ship April 20 (just don't take it swimming)

The company's latest tracker can't be submerged underwater, unfortunately.

appleibm primary

Health care industry receives first mobile apps from Apple, IBM

The travel and insurance industries receive additional apps, bringing the total offered to 22

runkeeper android material

RunKeeper for Android update showcases Material Design revamp

The interface divides more of the content into cards and adds the splashes of animation called for in Google's Android aesthetic.

new fitbits

Fitbit wants to you have more than one activity tracker

A forthcoming Fitbit update lets users connect multiple fitness trackers the same account, with different devices to suit the occasion.