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Apple Pulls 'Jew or Not Jew' App from French App Store

The developer protests that the controversial app that identifies the religion of celebrities and public figures is "intended for fun."

Google Launches Its Google+ Social Networking Service

Google says its new service is a dramatic rethinking of traditional social networking paradigms where, Google says, there's no good way to define our various types of friendships, and share information accordingly.


Free Downloads to Make Use of PC Idle Time

Stepping away from your PC? Don't let it stop working for you--or for a lofty purpose. These eight freebies do everything from backup to scientific research, all while you're not looking.

Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps of 2011 (So Far)

They're new, they're fun, they're useful and best of all, they're free -- Here are 20 iOS apps for work and play.


10 Android 3.0 Honeycomb Apps You Can Get Now

The Android Market has a decent starter selection of Honeycomb apps; here are some of our picks.


Windows Phone 7: 10 Free Useful Apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace's 6000+ apps are far fewer than its rivals, but the Windows Phone 7 Zune-like interface gives apps a colorful and useful visual flair absent from other mobile platforms. Here are 10 free apps that benefit from that aesthetic.


7 Free Thanksgiving iPhone Apps

Apps you'll want to gobble up for the holiday.


20 Crazy Concept Phones

From snake phones to handsets that look like hockey pucks, these hopelessly impractical devices are the coolest-looking phones you'll never want to own.


Thinking About Drinking? Smartphone Apps to Enhance Your St. Patrick's Day Experience

Use these Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Palm apps to locate the nearest pub, play beer pong, cure a hangover, or find a whole host of merrymaking activities.


Macworld Expo 2010: Best of Show

The Macworld editors scoured the show floor to find the 11 products worthy of Best of Show. Here's a list of the winners.


Confirmed: Google Goggles Will Reach Other Platforms

Wondering whether Google Goggles will ever hit the iPhone or make its way to the BlackBerry? Here are some answers.


Apple App Store Needs Reality Check

Apple is quick to ban controversial content, but slow to post bug fixes on its iPhone App Store.

10 iPhone Games You Gotta Have

Here are 10 of the best iPhone/iPod Touch games so far! What are your favorites?


More Wine Apps for the IPhone

Thoughts from the cherry-scented- butter-flavored-with-earthy-undertones world of wine applications for the iPhone.

Apple and Cartier Resolve Legal Tussle Over iPhone App

Apple's mobile App Store came under fire again for the sale and distribution of software that violated watchmaker's Cartier copyrights.