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Google is ready to take on Apple and Amazon with its own music store and cloud music service.

Google Music: What to Expect From Today’s Event

Google is poised to unveil the final version of its music service with, perhaps, a few other surprises.


iTunes Match First Look: Apple's New Music Service Not So Hot

iTunes Match has finally arrived...and it's got some flaws.

iTunes Match Still MIA as Google Readies Music Shop

An Android music shopping service is expected to soon join Amazon's music in the cloud, while Apple users are left waiting for iTunes Match to launch.


Android MP3 Piracy Rampant Amid Google's Muddled Response

Google and the RIAA are in a snit over Android apps that allow you to download copyright protected music for free via Android devices.


The Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps of 2011

Many useful, innovative, or just plain fun apps can be found for iPhone and iPad with the perfect price tag: free. Check out our roundup.


Five Services That Can Move Your Music to the Cloud

Storing and managing your music is frustrating when you forget to sync tunes with your smartphone or tablet. Here's a look at five services that will let you access your music from almost anywhere.


Music Via Subscription Projected To Grow More Than 300% in Next Four Years

The rise of connected mobile devices coupled with increased storage will make music subscription services more attractive, according to a leading research firm.


Siri, When Will Apple Launch its iTunes Match Music Service?

Apple misses its own October date to launch iTunes Match, its ambitious cloud-based music service.


20 Best Browser Apps of 2011

Whether you want to stay on top of your to-do list, find out who is tracking you online, or sling a few birds at pesky pigs, here are 20 apps that are well worth your time.


iPod Oddities

A decade of weird sidelights of the world's most iconic gadget.

Google's Music Store to Get Google+ Integration, Report Says

It might not have the library of iTunes, but the forthcoming service is expected to offer tight integration with Google's social apps.


Android Media Players Take on the iPod Touch

Archos, Philips, Samsung, and Sony hope to give Apple's iPod Touch a run for its money with their own Android-based personal media player offerings.