Don't-Miss Audio Stories

Apple Readies OS X Lion for iCloud

An Mac OS X Lion update is expected this week, when the company rolls out its iCloud online synchronization and backup service.

Apple iPhone 4S Features Roundup: A Visual Tour of What's New

No iPhone 5 arrived, but Apple announced a bevy of new features for its new iPhone 4S, including a dual-core processor, a better camera, and an innovative voice-command technology called Siri. Let's take a closer look.


Apple Updates iPod Nano, Touch Models

Apple announces updated versions of the iPod nano and iPod touch, lowers prices for some models.


Microsoft Officially Kills Zune

Microsoft will focus on Windows Phone 7 as its primary MP3 player.


Spotify Offers Facebook Privacy Tweak

Analysis: Facebook may be a requisite for using Spotify, but sharing your tunes can be an option.


Amazon's Kindle Fire Tablet vs. the Competition: Spec Showdown

We look at how the Kindle Fire tablet's specs stack up against other tablets in its class.

Amazon Announces $199 Kindle Fire Tablet, Clutch of New Kindle E-Readers

Amazon enters the tablet wars with the well-priced Kindle Fire, and ups the e-reader market ante with new, more-capable Kindle e-readers.

Geek Tip: Keep Spotify From Sharing Your Musical Guilty Pleasures on Facebook

Do you hate how Spotify now tells all your Facebook friends what you are listening to,? If so, this simple little tip will help.


15 Free Apps for Personalizing Your Android Phone

Change the look of everything on your phone--from the browser to the home screen--with these useful Android apps. They won't cost you a cent.


Spotify Music Service Opens to All; Gains Facebook Streaming

Sign up now and enjoy six months of unlimited access to Spotify's more than 15 million tunes.


A Look at Pandora's New Web Interface

After years of the same Flash-based interface, the Internet radio service takes advantage of HTML5 to give users a faster, slightly more appealing experience.


HTC Sensation XE: First Smartphone With Dr. Dre's Beats Audio

When used with Beats headphones, the Sensation XE automatically switches to a high-quality personalized sound profile.


Google Music Comes to iOS as Web App

Still in beta, Google's Music Web challenges cloud services from Apple and Amazon.