Don't-Miss Audio Stories

MP3 resale ban could close doors for Apple and Amazon's second-hand media plans

After a judge rules that the resale of MP3s constitutes copyright infringement, Apple and Amazon may have to rethink their plans for selling used digital media.


Windows 8 Music app update hits the right notes but gets no standing ovation

A new update for Windows 8's baked-in Music app doesn't add much, but the handful of improvements it does provide are welcome ones indeed.


Pandora lands on Windows Phone 8 with unlimited, ad-free listening throughout 2013

After a lengthy wait, a Pandora app is finally available for Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, and it includes several features you won't find on other platforms.


How big is the sound of music?

Music fans and major recording artists are adopting lossless audio file formats to keep copies of their music thats as close to a master recording as possible, leading to multi-terabyte-sized home music storage systems.


Spotify reportedly launching free streaming music service overseas

A report in Bloomberg says that Spotify will expand its streaming music service to mobile devices in 20 countries where it currently provides its desktop service. The move would give Spotify an edge over rival Pandora.


Pandora restricts free mobile listening to 40 hours per month, citing royalty woes

In the face of skyrocketing royalty fees, Pandora reintroduces a 40 hour per month listening cap for free mobile listeners.


Ford, Spotify bring on-demand streaming music to cars

Spotify Premium users will now be able to control their Spotify accounts in Ford AppLink-enabled vehicles.


Focus@Will builds music playlists to help you concentrate

Currently in beta, Focus@Will's music service looks to improve your concentration and focus as you read, study, and work.

Google Music adds scan and match feature

Google's feature saves you the time of manually uploading your music to Google Music

Dropbox buys Audiogalaxy. Is a cloud music service on the way?

Audiogalaxy promised to bring great new experiences to the 100 million plus users of Dropbox

Ear candy! The best Windows 8 music apps

Windows 8's ever-updating live tiles may look pretty, but all that eye candy is just begging for some ear candy to match. We highlight the Windows 8 music apps that'll have you begging for an encore.


Adobe updates Photoshop, boosts Creative Cloud services

Adobe used its Creative Live event to spotlight updates to a range of its creative products and services.


ZevenOS 5.0: a lightweight Linux with a multimedia twist

Based on Xubuntu, this newly updated distro adds a hint of BeOS to the Xfce desktop.