Don't-Miss Audio Stories

Spotify tests a Web app to stream your music through any browser

Spotify is testing a way for users to stream their music through any Web browser as an alternative to the existing Spotify desktop app.


Apple delays next iTunes release until November

Apple has delayed the release of the next major update to iTunes, which is now expected before the end of November.


Microsoft may surprise music fans with October launch

Reports say that along with the expected release of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet, Microsoft is preparing to announce a music service tied to its gaming platform, Xbox, that is based on technology from Rdio.


Court orders music pirate Jammie Thomas-Rasset to pay original fine of $222,000

Jammie Thomas-Rasset has been ordered to pay for downloading pirated music. Could a possible Supreme Court fight settle the issue of how much a pirated song is worth?

Microsoft Updates Its Free Movie Editing, Photo Software

Windows Essentials Movie maker upgrades video stabilization, sound editing, and titling. Win Essentials Photo Gallery gets a new auto-collage feature.


Spotify's Pandora-Like Radio Feature Lands on Android

Spotify's new radio feature allows you to create a station based on an artist, album or playlist. You can also save any song you hear for later listening.


Why do Music Labels Want Useless Weapons?

Analysis: The RIAA knew SOPA and PIPA were useless, yet supported them anyway. Most music files are swapped offline. So why is the RIAA still asking ISPs to spy on us?

Sony Hopes Android 4.0 Will Save the Walkman

Apple's iPod Touch gets a new rival with the announcement of the Walkman F800 powered by the latest version of Google's Android OS.


New iPod Nano: Shapeshifting One More Time?

According to one Japanese blog, the upcoming nano will return to the sleek-and-slim design of its 4thi and 5th-generation predecessors.


Android App Showcase: 15 of the Year's Best Apps, So Far

We cherry-picked the Google Play store for great Android apps--including games, productivity boosters, money-savers, and more--for your app-using pleasure.


VLC Player Beta Lands on Android

VLC for Android offers access to your entire video and media library with full search capabilities -- if your phone is among those supported.


Nexus Q Living Room Battle: Google vs. Apple TV vs. the Rest (Chart)

How does the Nexus Q compare against the current living room superstars such as Apple TV? Here is a feature rundown.


Spotify Launches Mobile Radio Service for All Levels of Users

Spotify's mobile products were originally available only subscribers who paid for its premium service. Warning: This works on iOS devices only.