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The Best Free Software, Mobile Apps, and Web Services, 2012 Edition

59 terrific tools for getting your work done, finding great deals, planning a trip, keeping yourself entertained, and more.


10 PC Apps to Increase Your Business Productivity

We've selected 10 indispensable PC apps to help you work smarter--not harder.

Music Artists Get 'Listen' Button on Facebook

The new Facebook feature is aimed at improving tune discovery on the giant social network.


iTunes: Time to Right the Syncing Ship

Apple has packed almost everything involving media (and app) management, purchase, and playback into iTunes. It’s a complete mess. And it’s time for an overhaul.

Mozart on the Mousepad

If you like the idea of going to an orchestra concert but hate the thought of having to watch flesh-and-blood musicians perform (two words: spit valve), an event called SLEO may have you covered.

20 Clever Apps and Services That Make Great Use of the Cloud

Lots of mobile apps and Web services are available to help people who want all their digital content--not just documents--at their fingertips at any time. We look at 20 that are fun, useful, or both.

Publishers Update Apps for Apple's Retina Display: Facebook, Nook, and More

If you're wondering which apps are primed for the third-generation iPad, here's a look at 10 apps to check out.

14 Tips and Tricks to Take Spotify to the Next Level

Here are some quick ways to greatly improve your experience with the innovative music service.


MegaUpload Founder Could Get His Property Returned

New Zealand authorities have admitted to making a procedural mistake before seizing Kim Dotcom's possessions.

Rexly Puts All Your Mobile Music in One App

The app was one of the finalists at a start-up smackdown for music apps here at South by Southwest.

Rdio Overhauls UI, Improves Music Discovery

Music streaming service Rdio has gotten a major user interface overhaul.

Anti-Piracy Concerns Spread to Europe

Tens of thousands of Europeans rallied this weekend to protest ACTA, an anti-piracy treaty many fear will impede freedom on the Internet.


Android Love: 12 Free Apps for Valentine's Day

Check out these free Android apps designed to help you find the best flowers, chocolates, rom-coms, love poems, dinner reservations, mood music, more. (All apps are Cupid approved.)