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Is the Use of Sites Like MegaUpload Sinking the Arts Ship? Not So Fast, Says New Advocate Study

A new study argues that artists are thriving and companies that adapt to new methods could thrive also.


Hey Hey, My My: MP3, It's Time to Die

Rocker Neil Young trashes the quality of today's MP3 format; calls for a new high-quality digital download for serious audiophiles.


How MegaUpload Got To Be A Pirate Poster Boy

Storage site has history of run-ins with the law.


See Ya, CDs: Digital Music Sales Overtake Physical Media

Sales of digital music in 2011 accounted for 50.3 percent of purchases, beating physical music sales for the first time.


Tech Trends You'll See in 2012

From data-only cell phone plans to HTML 5, these ten advancements are ready to go mainstream in the year to come.

5 iPhone and iPad Apps that Make Great (Last-Minute) Gifts

Searching for a last-minute gift for the holidays? Look no further than Apple's App Store.

Last-Minute Tech Shopper Gift Guide

Use our last-minute tech gift guide to find great digital gift ideas that you can get to any friend or relative almost immediately.


Streaming Service Rara Lands in Music-Saturated U.S.

Rara joins the music services wars with a slant towards music fans not yet involved with digital music to a great degree.


Tech Gifts Under $100

Our reasonably priced gift suggestions are perfect for home-theater owners, music lovers, gamers, Star Wars fans, the eco-conscious, and more.


Spotify to Announce 'New Direction': 5 Possible Directions

Spotify says it will announce a "new direction," but it's not clear why, or which way it will go. Here are a few educated guesses on what the 10-million-member service has up its sleeve.

Apple and Spotify Create Ripples in the Streaming Music World

Spotify is now open to anyone and iCloud and iTunes Match are on their way, leaving other music service competitors scrambling to compete.


Top 15 App Accessories for iPhone and iPad

Turn your iOS device into a pinball machine, a helicopter cockpit, or the ultimate TV remote with these imaginative combinations of hardware and apps.


Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Music with Guest Carlos Rodela on PCWorld Podcast #128

The Kindle Fire is out, and it's not really that great. What did you expect for $200? Guest Carlos Rodela worked at Amazon for years, and joins the PCWorld editors to discuss Amazon's tablet and Google's music service.