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Google overhauls its Maps app with a ton of new features, but (kinda) kills offline mode

The revamped Google Maps app looks amazing and packs a ton of handy new features, but it also drops a few.


India launches first satellite of regional navigation system

India launched the first of seven navigation satellites intended to deliver a regional positioning system on Tuesday. The system will be similar to the Global Positioning System owned by the U.S.

Best free stuff, 2013 edition: The techno traveler

Here are the six best free tools for the techno traveler.


Best free stuff, 2013 edition: The connected commuter

Here are the six best free tools for the connected commuter.


Solar flare from May 12

Japan warns solar flares could harm GPS, satellites, power lines

A Japanese government institute has warned that satellite transmissions, GPS readings, and power lines could be affected over the next two weeks if a recent spate of solar flares continues.


Google Maps gets stunning makeover for Web, enhancements to mobile

Google Maps gets an eye-popping makeover for its venerable Web interface as well as bringing improvements to its mobile apps.

Facebook close to acquiring navigation app Waze so it can sell you ads while you drive

Facebook is reportedly very close to buying crowdsourced navigation app Waze for anywhere between $500 million and $1 billion.


TomTom ditches Nike for new GPS sport watches

After partnering with Nike to produce the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, TomTom has decided to produce its own range of sport watches without any additional help. The Dutch company announced two new GPS watches overnight, the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Multi-Sport.


Car Tech Roundup - Techiest Cars of 2013

Car Tech Roundup - Techiest Cars of 2013

Image courtesy of Boston Dynamics

Robotic dog retrofitted with advanced technology helps researchers

Engineering company Boston Dynamics, with funding from the Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, created BigDog.

Magellan heads in a different direction with SmartGPS device

Shipping later this spring, the standalone GPS unit will pull data from Yelp and Foursqure to give you relevant location-based information. And it's part of a cloud-based approach that integrates your mobile device.

Google map

Richer maps experience coming to third-party Android apps

Google offers Android app developers a chance to use some of the advanced mapping features it had previously made available only on Google's own applications.


Grabbing a ride in Nokia's mapping car

Take a ride in a Nokia mapping car, which is used to collect GPS mapping information for smartphones.

Amazon helps Kindle app developers find their way with Maps API has opened its Maps API to all Kindle developers, who can now use it to integrate maps in their applications for the Kindle Fire family of tablets.