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10 Android 3.0 Honeycomb Apps You Can Get Now

The Android Market has a decent starter selection of Honeycomb apps; here are some of our picks.


Windows Phone 7: 10 Free Useful Apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace's 6000+ apps are far fewer than its rivals, but the Windows Phone 7 Zune-like interface gives apps a colorful and useful visual flair absent from other mobile platforms. Here are 10 free apps that benefit from that aesthetic.


News Corp.'s The Daily Due Next Week: Are You Buying?

The tablet-based publication challenges mobile users to pay for news on the go, in the latest experiment involving online news distribution.


Radio Station Apps: No Longer Welcome in the App Store

Analysis: Single-station radio playing apps are no longer allowed in the App Store.


Best Tech Products 2010: Full List, 1-100

PCWorld scanned the entire universe of technology this year--HDTVs, phones, tablets, PCs, e-book readers, storage, software, services, apps, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, and more--and picked the 100 best. Here's how we ranked them.

Mobile Phones and Apps: Best of 2010

The popular Android 2.2 operating system for Google smartphones, the Samsung Epic 4G phone, and a host of interesting apps for both business and pleasure top our list.


New York Times Updates iPad App: Little Innovation

Analysis: Revamped app provides more features, but will you be willing to pay for it later?


Flipboard for iPad: Part Revolution, Part Ridiculous

This "social magazine" iPad app works best when the reader-generated material is actually interesting, not just stylized digital content.


10 Free Android Apps for Staying Informed

Owning an Android smartphone means never having to say "I don't know" -- especially with this selection of references in your hand.


Slate Wars: 15 Tablets That Could Rival Apple's iPad

The iPad has captured many hearts and minds, but a fleet of rival tablets led by a separatist Android army is about to attack, armed with HD Flash video, multitouch screens, front-facing cameras, multitasking...even Windows 7. Let's take a look.


CNN's New iPhone App Puts Rivals to Shame

CNN may have been late with its iPhone app, but the $2 download delivers with live video and on-demand content.


Top 10 Open Source Apps for Windows

Every Windows user should consider making these utilities part of their standard applications

10 iPhone Games You Gotta Have

Here are 10 of the best iPhone/iPod Touch games so far! What are your favorites?