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Microsoft Snip lets you quickly annotate and add audio to screenshots

The free Windows app lets users grab a portion of the screen, annotate it with a drawing tool, and add voice notes.

office 2016 hero app

Office 2016's Windows release tipped for September 22

Microsoft’s productivity suite is getting a big boost in collaboration features, but few design changes

announcing availability of sharepoint server 2016 it preview and cloud hybrid search 2

Microsoft tests SharePoint 2016 and enterprise cloud hybrid search

The beta software lets IT departments try out the latest features in SharePoint, while a new search feature lets users look up information across on-premises data and Office 365.

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OneNote for iPad tips to make you more productive

Take advantage of handwriting, scanning, and OCR features to make your favorite tablet an indispensable office tool.

google docs keep on device

Google to update tools for students and teachers

Google plans to unveil changes to its suite of products and services for students, teachers and other working professionals at an event on Sept. 2.


Slack cofounder: 'We didn't have a sense of the scale it could grow to'

In the two years since its beta launch, Slack has juggled explosive growth, formidable competition and the need to cater to CIOs.

preview real time co authoring on onedrive

Microsoft Word co-authoring arrives, care of OneDrive

Although Word co-authoring has been available via SharePoint, it's now available via the more consumer-friendly OneDrive service.

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Microsoft updates Yammer to make working within groups easier

The improvements to Microsoft's enterprise social network focus on content discovery and its user interface

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Twitter drops 140-character limit for direct messages

The new character limit is 10,000, roughly seven times the length of the article below

paypal Outlook

Outlook expands its ties to online services with add-ins from Uber, PayPal and more

Want to set a reminder to book an Uber ride? Or pay via PayPal over email? Outlook's added some new plugins, with more on the way.

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4 ways to make Evernote smarter and safer

These pro tips cover checklists, IFTTT hacks, and other productivity boosters.

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Four knowns and four unknowns in Google's Alphabet soup

Google's restructuring raises new questions about its strategy and the future of its products

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Internet giants to block child porn images using a common list

Google, Facebook and Twitter are among the companies that will block child sexual abuse images, using a hashed list