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Office 'Gemini': Dragging Microsoft's productivity suite into the modern Windows UI

Microsoft's Office suite may be receiving a modern UI makeover and Windows Blue-esque rapid update releases, a new report claims

Don’t like Excel? This spreadsheet-based RPG might change your mind

A lot of us buy into the cliché that accountants are boring and uncreative, but Cary Walkin has shown us how assumptions make an ass out of 'u' and me.


Microsoft confirms it's shut off Windows 8-Google Apps calendar sync

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 users who upgrade the Calendar app will no longer be able to synchronize that schedule with the calendar included with Google Apps for Business, Academic or Government.

New updates streamline the Mail, Calendar and People apps in Windows 8

Disappointed by the usability of Windows 8's preinstalled People, Calendar, and Mail apps? A new series of updates aims to curb concerns and make those apps much more streamlined than before.

Hands on with Google Keep: Can it slay Evernote?

Is Google's new Drive-powered note-taking app an Evernote slayer or a pretender to the throne? We go hands on to find out.

Microsoft discontinues Office 2010 sales, some retailers jack up prices

Some sellers have raised the price of Office 2010's lowest-cost multi-license package after Microsoft discontinued retail sales of the suite.

Ready for a new Google Docs alternative? Meet open source OX Documents

First to arrive will be a word-processing component enabling multidevice editing and collaboration on major text document formats.

End is in sight for free Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

The party will soon be over for anyone enjoying the free Office 365/Office 2013 Preview, and Microsoft is getting serious about convincing people to buy or subscribe.

Microsoft fixes Hotmail, glitches that caused outage

Microsoft has fixed a problem that caused an outage for many users of Hotmail and the service that is replacing it, Maintenance work continued to affect the calendaring component of Hotmail, however.

Intuit fixes TurboTax software after 'unacceptable' glitches affect 10,000 customers

Some U.S. taxpayers may have to wait a bit longer than usual to get their refunds, due to problems that recently cropped up with Intuit's tax-preparation software.

microsoft office 365

Microsoft gives away three months of Office 365 to college students

To sign up for the subscription-based Office 365 University, you'll need an .edu e-mail address. The offer includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, and can be installed on up to two PCs or Macs.

As PC sales stall, Samsung exec has harsh words for Windows 8

With Windows 8 doing little to spark laptop sales, you can hear the grousing of PC makers get louder.

How I ditched the security risks and lived without Java, Reader, and Flash

Java, Reader, and Flash are irresistible targets for hacking exploits. So what's it like living without the oh-so-vulnerable trio?