Don't-Miss Security software Stories

Tool Released at Black Hat Contains 150 Ways to Bypass Web Application Firewalls

A tool for testing if Web application firewalls (WAFs) are vulnerable to around 150 protocol-level evasion techniques was released at the Black Hat event.

Managing the Google Threat

Search Engines in general and Google in particular know a lot about everyone.

Cyberwar Ignores Borders, Expert Suggests

We're in for a "constant state of asymmetric warfare" that goes beyond traditional notions of war nation-states.

Mobile and Web Security Will Be Major Topics at Black Hat

Security researchers are expected to disclose new vulnerabilities in near field communication (NFC), mobile baseband firmware, HTML5 and Web application...

California to Get Tough on Behalf of Online Privacy

California's top legal official has put the tech industry on notice that she intends to get tough on behalf of digital privacy.

Regulation of Facial Recognition May Be Needed, US Senator Says

The U.S. Congress may need to pass legislation that limits the way government agencies and private companies use facial recognition technology to identify...

Check Point Plans to Release Document Security Software

Check Point Software Technologies plans to introduce document security software that encrypts and controls access to files across an organization's various...

Judge Dismisses Privacy Lawsuit Against LinkedIn

A federal judge in California dismissed a privacy class-action lawsuit against LinkedIn that alleged the social media network violated provisions of the Stored Communications Act (SCA) when it disclosed the IDs and browsing histories of LinkedIn users to advertising companies.

Skype Glitch Sends Messages to the Wrong Contacts

Skype, a division of Microsoft, confirmed on Monday that a glitch in its software has led to instant messages being shared with unintended parties.

Yahoo's (and Your) Lesson in Proper Passwords

After hackers leaked more than 450,000 Yahoo passwords, do we need any more proof that our security measures are lacking in both strength and imagination?

Yahoo Patches Password Leak

Yahoo repairs and explains the flaw that enabled hackers to steal nearly a half million passwords from one of its many services.

Three Steps to Avoid Getting Hacked Like Yahoo

Hackers breached Yahoo and exposed more than 450,000 passwords, but Yahoo is to blame for making it easy.

Passwords Leaked From Yahoo: Boozy, Preachy, Angry -- and Easy

For 333 people who used "ninja" as a password for Yahoo Mail or another Web service, Thursday was the day their fleet-footed, black-clad cover was blown.