Don't-Miss Security software Stories

What to Look for in Cloud Data Migration Tools

New technologies and solutions not only ease the pain of data and application migrations, but actually accelerate the migration process.

FTC Charges Two Firms With Leaking Customer Data on P-to-P Networks

In a first for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the agency has filed charges against two businesses that allegedly allowed consumer personal data to be leaked...

User Vote on Facebook Privacy Policies Hasn't Stemmed Criticism

Facebook is conducting a massive user referendum this week, asking its 900 million-plus users to approve or reject changes to its privacy policy that it first...

LinkedIn Stops Collecting Calendar Meeting Notes Through Its Mobile Apps

LinkedIn has confirmed researcher claims that the calendar integration feature in its mobile apps sends complete details about people's upcoming meetings back to...

Cool, Weird and Unusual Security Gear

The unusual security stuff for sale at the recent GovSec Conference in Washington, D.C.

10 Mobile Device Management Apps to Take Charge of BYOD

Managing devices in a BYOD environment is no mean feat, and the right mobile device management (MDM) product can be a key component in making it work. Here are 10 leading MDM products on the market today.

Online Services Try Harder to Protect User Data, Watchdog Says

The Electronic Frontier Foundation rates services' online privacy efforts as getting better, but still with plenty of room for improvement.

Germany Taken to Court for Failing to Implement Data Retention

European authorities have taken Germany to court for failing to implement the E.U. Data Retention Directive.

Copies of Anti-censorship Software Used in Iran and Syria Contain Keylogger

Rogue copies of Green Simurgh, an Internet proxy software application used in Iran and Syria, have been found to contain malware that records users' activities...

Gartner Predicts Huge Rise in Monitoring of Employees' Social Media Use

Corporations are starting to embrace technologies used to monitor employee Internet use, with 60 percent expected to watch workers' social media use for security...

Lawmakers Call on DOJ to Reopen Investigation Into Google Wi-Fi Spying

UPDATE: The recent release of an FCC analysis prompts members of Congress to urge another look at Google's data-collection practices for its Street View maps.

Researchers Propose TLS Extension to Detect Rogue SSL Certificates

A pair of security researchers have proposed an extension to the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol that would allow browsers to detect and block...

European Privacy Regulators Want More Detail on Google's Policy Changes

French officials acting on behalf of the EU want better answers from Google about its privacy policy.

Yahoo Leaks Private Key, Allows Anyone to Build Yahoo-signed Chrome Extensions

Yahoo was forced to release a new version of its Axis extension for Google Chrome after the original one contained a private key that allowed anyone to digitally...

Facebook and Physicians: A Prescription for Trouble

Doctors are being warned to stay off social media to avoid patient privacy conflicts.