Don't-Miss Security software Stories

Researchers Propose TLS Extension to Detect Rogue SSL Certificates

A pair of security researchers have proposed an extension to the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol that would allow browsers to detect and block...

European Privacy Regulators Want More Detail on Google's Policy Changes

French officials acting on behalf of the EU want better answers from Google about its privacy policy.

Yahoo Leaks Private Key, Allows Anyone to Build Yahoo-signed Chrome Extensions

Yahoo was forced to release a new version of its Axis extension for Google Chrome after the original one contained a private key that allowed anyone to digitally...

Facebook and Physicians: A Prescription for Trouble

Doctors are being warned to stay off social media to avoid patient privacy conflicts.

Microsoft Takes Bing Streetside Offline in Germany After Privacy Complaints

Microsoft has taken its Google Street View-like service Bing Streetside offline in Germany after German citizens expressed their worries about how Microsoft...

Study: Patriot Act Gives US Government No Special Access to Cloud Data

An often-repeated concern that the U.S. Patriot Act gives the U.S. government unequaled access to personal data stored on cloud services is incorrect, with...

FTC Appoints Privacy Advocate as Adviser

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has hired Paul Ohm, a privacy advocate and critic of current online privacy practices, as a senior privacy adviser for consumer...

Is Cloud-based Security Really Cheaper?

Vendors hope subscription models--and removing need to manage and update software, hardware--will be attractive, but the jury's not in on cost.

7 Tips for Establishing a Successful BYOD Policy

These tips will help you address device security while keeping your employees happier.

Facebook Proposes More Changes to Privacy Policy

Facebook said on Friday that it intends to make further changes to its privacy policy in order to respond to an audit by the Irish government, but privacy...

Mobile BYOD Users Want More Security

A survey of more than 4,000 mobile-device users and IT professionals shows wildly abundant use of mobile devices.

Twitter Resists Subpoena to Release User's Data Without Warrant

The case involves a Twitter user who has been charged along with several hundred others for allegedly marching onto the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Data Privacy Concerns Keep Citizens from Contacting Government Online

Despite the majority of UK citizens saying they access government services digitally, a third are concerned about their personal data.