Don't-Miss Security software Stories

Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security adds online shopping protection

Kaspersky's new PURE 3.0 Total security package includes a number of improvements, plus a few new features.

Avast's all-new antivirus lineup packs in new features, a redesigned interface

On Thursday, Avast released version 8 of its antivirus software line, which includes major user-interface changes and new and improved features for both free and paid users.


Application-specific passwords weaken Google's two-factor authentication, researchers say

Researchers discovered a loophole in Google's authentication system that allowed them to bypass the company's 2-step login verification by abusing the unique passwords used for individual applications.

The 10 weirdest, wildest, most shocking security exploits ever

Ditching Java and keeping your browser up-to-date can't protect against bad guys gunning for smart thermostats, smart TVs, and cybernetic implants.

Bad Kaspersky antivirus update keeps users from accessing websites

Many Kaspersky customers were unable to access any websites on their computers Monday, due to a faulty antivirus update.

Pwn2Own hacking contest puts record $560K on the line

HP TippingPoint, the long-time organizer of the annual Pwn2Own hacking contest, has revamped the challenge for the second year running and will offer cash awards exceeding half a million dollars, more than five times the amount paid out last year.


New Java exploit sells for $5000 on black web; possible threat to millions of PCs

Another previously unpublicized flaw in Java threatens the security of millions of PCs that may still have the application running on it.

Adobe patches actively exploited ColdFusion vulnerabilities

Adobe released security patches for its ColdFusion application server on Tuesday, addressing four critical vulnerabilities that have been actively exploited by attackers since the beginning of January.

Cisco investigates reported Linksys router flaw

DefenseCode said it discovered the firmware flaw and reported it to Cisco 'months ago.'

This Nevada man does not have your lost cellphone

A resident of North Las Vegas, Nev., says owners of lost cell phones repeatedly show up at his house demanding phones that they tracked via software to his location.


BlackBerry gets vote of confidence from monitoring-software maker

For a change here's good news for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion. Monitoring-software vendor SpectorSoft today announced its first software support for BlackBerry in the enterprise.

Red October malware discovered after years of stealing data in the wild

This piece of malware has been stealing data from diplomatic, government, and scientific research computer networks for more than five years.

It's time to rewrite Java from scratch, security expert says

Recurring security flaws result in a succession of threats and patches, and it may be too late to fix the existing code, a security expert suggests. Oracle has lost control of code for programming language and should simply rewrite it from scratch, he says.